How do I choose friends when requested?

Just a quick note:

If there are orphans or needy children without a full-fledged ministry, I do NOT accept. I am poor, and unable to contribute anything except for prayers. Every picture I see breaks my heart that I can NOT help. It is NOT productive for me to be friends with ministries that cause such despair, and it takes an enormous amount of effort to deal with all the requests for money.

I also reject all requests for friends that have sexual content. I want friends that can control the lusts that are placed on their pages.

I reject most requests for friends by the “posers.” Thats the requesters that pose with many “fine” clothing outfits and try to look the part of rich or cool or suave. Just not interested.

I reject all requests for those that tell me I am beautiful or offer marriage proposals. I am taken, happy, and NOT interested!

I reject all spammers that I can figure out.

And I HATE those “fatty” advertisements of poor women advertising diet stuff so money can be made at their expense. Reject them almost immediately.

The ones I accept are those that have obvious reference to Christ, and an active Facebook account with words of encouragement, teachings, praise, or goodness that can help elevate me as I write the things of God on my pages.

Everyone can follow me! But, I’m becoming more and more selective of who can be my friends. If I reject your offer of friendship, please don’t take it personally. I get thousands of requests, and I want to make certain I choose those that will help me and others best in this journey together.