Change my mind and perspective if you are able!

After posting my rules, about not accepting friendships with orphanages, I was deluged with all kinds of contacts.

So lets talk about it.

I will tell you my current mindset and perspective. Can you change my mind?

Since I am almost 70-years-old, share my Bible Teachings and writings freely, and I have never become rich with monetary value, it is doubtful I will have spare money. If I do, and God designates it for the orphans, I will select orphanages that have a clear mission; a good example is Abba Home Orphanage for Girls This is my reasoning. If the Lord is moving a ministry for orphanages then it is not just food that God will provide, but spiritual and natural enrichment as well. Posing orphans eating scant amounts of food and getting dirtier and skinnier is not how my Lord would care for orphans. It has been my experience on Facebook, that there are many orphanages that are making the caretakers rich enough to pose well with their nice clothes, while the children suffer. I don’t want to be a part of that. So IF I ever have money that God earmarks for orphans, I would NOT be giving that money haphazardly; rather, I would give that money to ministries I know that have the best interest in the children’s welfare. That’s my take on things at this point in my life.

(Important note to the distraught caretaker threatening to kill himself) – Threatening suicide or death to the children does not help feed your chosen children. You need to pray to God to relieve you of your post in your care of the children, and place another in your position. Then you need to get a close relationship with the Lord and get on with your life. You are not doing anyone, the orphans or yourself, any good in trying to make it work when God is NOT in it. If God was in it, your children would not be starving. Get those poor kids some real help now by moving them to a place with food in the presence of God’s works. Contact missionaries and churches in your area and tell them of your extreme troubles; there are many churches in your area that will NOT let your children starve! Get those children HELP!!! and give up the little bits of money you are trying to make.

Caretakers of orphans – Can you change my mind? (Please limit pictures to two)