Lack of Faith in the Salvation Offered through Jesus Christ

By Kathy L McFarland

1. Thinking more about your sin than your Savior

2. Doubting the full effect of salvation and thus losing faith in its reward

3. Mistakenly weighing the punishment of sin over the reward of repentance and spiritual restoration

4. Reanalyzing proof of salvation in your life that leads you to doubt the original gift

5. Measuring inward or outward joy as conclusive evidence of salvation

6. Analyzing battle struggles with sin as being the type of battle only the unsaved would wage

7. Considering the relapse of sin as proof of loss of salvation

8. Thinking only the unsaved have avenues of strength to endure sinful errors

9. Asking for forgiveness over and over and over for the same transgression that gives illusion to the ineffectiveness of Christ’s forgiveness through His shed blood

10. Ranking some sinners beyond forgiveness and justifying their exclusion from participating in Christian fellowship to learn of the salvation of Christ