Some of my kids are idiots

All of my children grew up well, left home, established their own lives, and got busy.

I never see most of them anymore.

When I do see them, it is usually with a crisis in their lives. When they are away, I am confident that they are happy and pleased with their station, and will use the excuse of business with their work and lives to avoid visits.

But ever since they have been adults, I have had to struggle with them becoming adults. While they behaved really good under our authority, when they left home, most did not do so well, as they struggled to declare their right to adulthood.

A couple say things like this:

“I don’t respect you. You need to change your views and become more worldly. Your religious views are not part of the ‘woke’ culture today, and it turns people away from you.”

“You never wanted to raise me. It was fine when we were children. But the minute we left home, you stopped paying attention to us.”

The way they perceive things is totally different from the truth of God that I know. So what does a parent do?

Cry, because words hurt.

Buck up, because there is not enough time in the day to cry.

Examine perspectives, and recognize your children are idiots when their mouths flap uncontrollably.

Confirm that you are walking the path of Christ. That the Holy Spirit moves through you and surges in heights far-surpassing the natural life thrills of worldliness.

Keep the peace, and try not to dwell on other’s opinions. Most of my children’s views will change as they reach maturity, God willing.

If they don’t, sigh.

All any Christian parent can do is to walk a solid walk with Christ. Plant those seeds of faith when they are young, and pray mightily that they get watered through the grace of God as they grow up.

I remind myself that life is not over until the last breath is taken. A couple of my kids who have me worried today, have promise to be some of the strongest Christians I have raised; some of them, NOT so much.

However, you can only raise them with the knowledge and walk with Christ. As for their adulthood, God has got to have this, because I surely don’t.