I’m a bit different

The Lord did not raise me to be a lovey dovey Christian. He made me tough, not soft. I don’t talk well, and my looks and personality don’t fit real nicely with most Christian normals. HOWEVER, the Holy Spirit moves through me and rushes my writing and study talents that He gave me, and I shine brightly with the Light of the Lord when He is using me for His purposes!

Thank God for His miracle! I fit in this little niche, this little place where believers can read my writings and grow and do wonderful works of the Lord!!!

It is not a traditional place. It is not an authoritative position. It is not a pre-defined job.

I have to figure it out one experience at a time, as God moves. No one can tell me how to get my writings to folks. I’ve tried writing books, teaching detailed classes, teaching real students, and connecting through churches. Though most were satisfactory, the movement of God was not fully received.

That is why I am trying this Facebook approach. That is why I keep asking you questions of whether my writings are reaching the places they need to reach so your works for the Lord can be magnified and bring glory to our Father in Heaven.

Honestly, I think I am touching more people through Facebook than through any other method I have tried in the past. Becker Professional Theology Academy has successfully trained some students, but the large majority usually are unable to continue classes due to internet problems or lack of computers. So my Facebook experiment seems to be developing into a works for God that might give you hard-working, mature Christians some context that can help support your great works for God.

That is my hope and my prayers. I will be occasionally asking you if it is all working well; your feedback is the only way I can judge Facebook effectiveness.

Looking forward to the journey together.