Do I have free will to choose God or not?

The LORD God does not bound you to serve Him, unless He has given you a sense of justice to fulfill that obligation. In that case, you would be wise to complete His Will. If not:

You are free. You get to choose. Your choice will ultimately be made according to who you are made to be, and where you choose to belong in the big scheme of things. Even through your freedom, however, you are limited to the places, times, experiences and beliefs that the LORD God allows you to have.

If you are one of the common men, then your responsibilities toward serving the all powerful LORD God are usually limited to the common rules of nature that govern the natures of beasts, and of men, for the more highly evolved.

If you are one of the people of spirit created in the image of the LORD God, your responsibilities toward serving Him might well include greater and deeper commitment than them which just serve their nature.

If you are of the world, then the standards of your life are measured by the justice interpreted by man, until the great Day of Judgment, when all men are judged by Jesus Christ. Unfortunately for those of you of nature, His measurement will focus on the living works accomplished that brought glory to His Father. Many of both nature and spirit will face Christ on Judgment Day and sadly learn their good works of nature count nothing toward their defense.

Those who reject the gift of faith, servitude, or worship of the LORD God, are usually free from specific and directed punishment from Him in their life on earth, until the great Judgment Day, when they are raised from their grave to face Christ. There are circumstances where the LORD God will direct His attention to common men’s life to effect His Will. In these cases, His movement might be interpreted as punishment by natural man, but viewed as establishment of His Will by spiritual man. For the most part, life is as it is for the man of nature, and follows the rules of nature that were determined by Him from the start.

Those chosen, called and faithful men who were created in His Image, and accept Him as their LORD God, as He accepts them as His people, are held to much higher standards. Punishment does exist for action and inaction that goes against His Will, just as any father will punish a child to cause him to grow and move in the direction of righteousness.

When it gets down to it, when the LORD God gives a person the opportunity to move closer to Him, he would be wise to take that walk; but, there is no court, law or punishment that will force that decision. The LORD God will not force a man to serve Him, if that is not his free will to do so.


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