Attempts to make the Word of God obsolete

Many Christians are some of the laziest group of spiritual believers I have ever observed. Jewish children and adults study their Torah daily, and practice their prayers and traditions religiously. Muslim servants of God pray at least four times a day as ordered by their prophet, and memorize by heart their designated holy book, the Koran. Christians, on the other hand, most often rely on their thoughts and feelings to establish their faith walk, and depend heavily on the Holy Spirit inside them to give them the answers when they are needed.

Our Christian faith is the only faith that I know of that allows new converts and mere children of faith to speak doctrine and establish practices unquestioned. Because a new Christian feels such an empowerment when receiving the Holy Spirit, and because Christian leaders forgot a long time ago how to lead, many of the faithful Christians are being led by the nose by a Christian child that has little knowledge of the Word of God.

Many Christians refuse to open the Word of God and study it diligently, and will defend that neglect by citing their worth in His Kingdom as evidenced by the Holy Spirit that dwells in them. Simply speaking, they feel holy, so why do more than is necessary? Christians are Christians because they declare Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ IS the WORD OF GOD. Jesus Christ began as a result of the LORD God speaking HIS WORD. Every Word contained within the Holy Bible is the LORD God’s WORD, thus, the WORD OF GOD is Jesus Christ. When you study and read the WORD OF GOD, you are communing with Jesus Christ. When you understand deeply the messages in the WORD OF GOD, you are understanding deeply the things of your Jesus Christ.

A Christian that fails to constantly turn to the Word of God, and rely instead on the powerful feelings of the Holy Spirit alone, is like a child leaving his fathers wisdom and teachings yet still demanding that the father provide the feel good and protective things in life. The Holy Spirit is critical to the study of God’s Word, and the Word cannot be known completely without the Spirit revealing the things God wants you to know. However, you have to open God’s Word, and study God’s Word, if you expect to receive growth in the spiritual realm. It is as simple as that.

Now secular fools, and stuffy shirt pharisees will often pronounce the love of God’s Word as the “worship of the Bible” to the exclusion of God. They do this in an attempt to make the Word of God obsolete, and to gain control over the faithful of Jesus Christ.

The true fact is that the Word of God empowers and makes a Christian perfect. The more the Christian knows the Word of God, the more perfect a Christian he is.

Psalm 119 was written by David (according to most believers). It is one of the longest psalms, and one of the most beautiful. David soul is exclaiming with every breath the magnificence and glory of the Word of God. To read this psalm with purpose and meditation causes believers to be highly elevated because of the love expressed repeatedly by David to His God. The reader of Psalm 119 almost feels like he is intruding on the revealing of David’s soul to God. That is how impassioned and giving David is when he declares his beliefs in His Word. Yet, many stuffy shirts today accuse David of the same thing that many Christians on the Internet are being accused of today:

“Worshiping the WORD OF GOD to the exclusion of God Himself!”

Then to add to the confusion and mistrust of the young, the secular points out the different Bibles and the different translations and pronounces them all false because of this.

BULL PUCKY! Christian brothers and sisters, please don’t fall for this attempt to make the Word of God obsolete! You owe them no explanation, but most certainly, you do not owe them an ear! The secular and the pious fools want you to be weak and ineffective. Their worst fears is that you will break free of their control and become perfect in God’s Word. Do not let this argument dissuade you from study of the Word of God. You owe it to the Savior that you have chosen to follow to learn as much of Him as you are graced to receive!

2 Timothy 3:16-17

“16 All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17 AV)