A demon cut my son’s fingers off

Our neighbor came running over to our yard on a hot summer day, screaming our names over and over. We knew something was wrong from the tone of her shouts, and as she drew closer, we learned that our adult son had been seriously injured at the sawmill and he was calling out for us at the emergency room.

I don’t remember how we got there, but when we walked into the room where he was laying, we were greeted with a bloody, but very much alive son, who praised God that we had been reached. Grasping my hand into his bloodied hand, he told me that he knew it would all be okay now, because the devil would never stay in a room when we were present.

The panic in his eyes let me know that all was not as it seemed, and he spoke the silent communication that a son is able to speak to a parent. The adrenalin from the news, the sight of blood and mangled body parts, and the shock of the moment had caused my body and mind to speed up in an attempt to deal with it all In the midst of this, my son was struggling to maintain consciousness enough to warn me of the hidden danger.

We knew immediately what he meant, and I started looking around to see where the attack of his spirit was coming from. The doctor, a nurse and we were the only people in the room. When the nurse left the room for a moment, and our son’s agitated semi-consciousness continued, we knew the one he feared was sitting on a stool next to him, preparing to administer emergency first aid. Quickly analyzing the threat, we stood on each side of our son as he lay on the gurney, with our bodies covering his head and chest, as the doctor worked on his bloodied hand. We pretended to be distraught parents, as one would cover our son with hugs of assurance, then the other. We were trying to create an illusion of loving distress but actually blocking the spiritual attack from reaching our son that was being waged by the man in white.

It must have looked ridiculous. It certainly didn’t fool the doctor nor the devil within him. At some point, a supernatural silence permeated the room, and all activity stopped. The doctor with the devil looked me in the eyes, and began to talk. His patient lay silent on the gurney, and the normal activity of the emergency room had disappeared. The devil had a message to plant within my soul, and the time and circumstance were perfect to effect that transfer.

His message was focused and specific, and he delivered it as he amputated my son’s fingers. Holding the bloodied hand in his, he began snipping the bone and muscle and nerves of the badly damaged hand, and the remnants of fingers of my son began to fall away and drop on the bloodied towel below. I felt my knees buckle and my breath leave me. My body began to fail me. I silently prayed to my Jesus for strength and help, and I felt the surge of the Holy Spirit lift my body straight, plant my feet firmly, clear my head of dizzy confusion and prepare me for the attack that was ongoing.

The devil talked calmly and confidently as he offered his testimony. He told me that he knew I was one of God’s people, and he had something to say to me, and all of the people that are like me. He wickedly said

“Life is a precious and beautiful happening. I will not waste the time I have to enjoy and learn and grow in this life, in this world, on some pretend faith that encourages focus on rejecting this life and waiting for the next life to come around. The concept that this life should be rejected for a life to come is obscene and wicked and does not say much for the God you worship or the King you follow. His plan of giving life to you, then causing you to not participate in that life, with a promise of a better life, is not a God that I will ever worship.”

Once the message was delivered in the midst of blood and gore, the devil left the body of the doctor, the emergency room became active, my son awakened and the emergency amputations were finished. Life resumed once again to the normal pace and the normal time, and the episode was over.

But the message lingered. Every time I struggled to separate myself from the wickedness of this world, every time I made an effort to focus on the life to come, every time I shut out the worldly lusts and temptations that would cross my path, I would hear those evil words over and over in my mind urging me to enjoy the things of the world, because life is short and you only get one of them to live and enjoy.

“GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN! I REJECT YOUR MESSAGE!” I would shout each time the words would come to me, and eventually the power of his wicked words lessened.

Christians must reject the wickedness of the world. The ways of the world include adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envying, murders, drunkenness, reveling and these kinds of things. These are the things that the devil desires, and these are the things of his testimony. It is exactly these things that Christians are to separate themselves from and it is these type of things that will prevent a person from inheriting the Kingdom of God.

Lucifer fell from heaven and the grace of the LORD God because he became enamored of his own bright light. He convinced himself that he knew a better way to be a god, and he tried to make man follow him and live a life with the principles of freedom to enjoy the works of the flesh and world. The Dr. Devil’s testimony on that bloody summer day, reflected the same tricking words that he used to cause Adam and Eve to sin and go against the LORD God in their time. Follow the way of Lucifer, and “you can be gods yourself” was the ultimate promise of freedom that led to the original sin and separation from God.


Christians are to LIVE fully the life that they are blessed and graced by the LORD God to receive. All things are created by Him, and all things righteous are given to be enjoyed by Him. The music, art, nature, love, family, and moments are given to us in our life to enjoy. Our efforts and desires and hopes and dreams of happiness and fulfillment are notable to Him, and he desires us experience everything in life that He brings our way. We must embrace the things of God that he has provided in the life for us. We must live our lives fully and thoroughly furnished with the things that He Wills us to enjoy! To do less makes us less of a person, and causes us to become less than what He Will us to be!

I want to enjoy this life I was given and I want to experience it to its fullest. I do not want to hide in a cave or a bomb shelter in fear of the persecutions that are promised to come. I want to squeeze every bit of life that I can out of the blessings that are given me, and I am confident that my life will with a good measure of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness ,and temperance through the Holy Spirit as I walk the Way of the LORD God and Jesus Christ as it is walked in the Kingdom of God. Thanks be to God for the sanctified and righteous life that He has given me through His Grace!

A couple years ago, I published this article in another blog I wrote at the time. Although the account revealed a little deeper into the hidden things of spirituality that I normally don’t focus on and share, the event led me to a great understanding to the way a devil can plant words that can be activated later. After much contemplation, I decided to share my experience, with hopes that other Christians would recognize the words of the devil, and reject them when they came to them.

When I published this article, I braced myself for the backlash of Christian puritans who would argue that the devil is not active today. Amazingly, these arguments did not come. But something really strange happened. An Internet forum of debunkers and deep thinkers read the article, and doubted it’s truthfulness. They did not question my account of the devil, but they were convinced that no emergency room doctor would perform the procedures recorded in my writings.

The account of my experience is true. We live in a wilderness area, with a small town hospital where emergency room doctors do what they need to do, as good as they can do, when they can do it. While I recognize that the civilized world would not be familiar with country practiced medicine, I can assure you that the events happened as I have written.

Because I still feel it is so important for Christians to be aware of the words of the devil that are subtly spoken around us, I have decided to republish this article, and pray that it reaches those whose walk with Christ can be strengthened as they consider the darker things that actively attempt to prevent our forward movement toward Him.