A Christian Rule of Engagement for the Internet

You are being watched by the world at all times.

Anybody who uses the Internet surely must accept the fact that everything they do is known by someone. It is a choice that each person makes to go into the “world” via the connection of the Internet, and many dangers are lurking to snatch the person and claim him as it’s prize.

As Christians, we would be wise to avoid the Internet altogether. I had no intention of ever being placed on the Internet, and all of the teachers and students avoided the Internet fervently. We had no knowledge of it’s operation, nor had we much desire to learn about it. All things changed in October 2003, however, when the LORD God moved us to place His studies on the Internet, to feed the hungry Christians who were not being fed His Word.

When we entered into this Internet, we did so knowing that every bit of every word that we wrote, every site that we visited, every person that we talked to, would be recorded by somebody, somewhere, and used in an attempt to control us at some time. We knew that we might possibly be putting ourselves in harms way, as we entered a world we had no knowledge of, to accomplish the tasks that the LORD God Willed.

As all faithful Christians have done in the past, and all faithful Christians will do in the future, the danger is irrelevant when the LORD God Wills. We accepted our task with joyful hearts and pure motives, and tried to stay true to ourselves in this foreign environment.

We need to be aware that everything they do or say on the Internet is known by someone. It may well be that one day each of you will be called to assume a prominent position or fulfill a spiritual works for the LORD God in support of His Will in these End Days. As a result of this position you may be in now, or may be placed in the future, it is imperative that you watch everything closely in this world, and guard yourselves appropriately.

I am hopeful that each of our Christian Facebook friends will respond immediately to any request by the LORD God, and I am also believe that each would be devastated to have their credibility and integrity destroyed before they even began their Works. The enemy is watching, and we must be careful.

I once learned of an organization called All Research, Inc. Some of the things they do to benefit law enforcement, FBI, and other paying customers are listed on their website, such as…

“Our abilities include:- Identifying websites owners with bogus registration information- Tracing anonymous e-mail- Monitoring a person’s activity on message boards- looking for software cracks posted online- Locating piracy trading sites- Security testing networks- Consulting on privacy issues.”

They further go on to explain how they gather opinions held by people on the Internet:

“We have developed a solution to this classic problem that revolves around NOT asking people their opinions. Instead, we gather peoples opinions, comments and actions “IN THE WILD”. This is done by identifying appropriate message boards, discussion groups, and e-mail communities germane to the topic. People’s real posts and conversations are quietly gathered for a predefined period of time.”

That was over TWENTY years ago on the Internet. Since then, we are constantly monitored by satellites, spies, scurrilous scammers, and criminals looking for a weakness that can be exploited. Prominent businesses, powerful governments and law enforcement agencies, are all around this Internet World doing the same things.

The Internet is monitored by so many, and recordings made of so much, that everybody that enters into it, is going to be categorized according to their activity. When you figure in the Pentagon, the CIA, and the US Government concerns, you must be certain that everything that you do is known here. Then add the foreign governments into the equation, and there is nothing unknown about your activities.

Now what does that mean? Do we run scared and paranoid, and avoid going out into this world? Boy, if you can, you would be wise to avoid it. But if you are like thousands of other Christians that are placed out here on a daily basis, you must recognize that you are no different than the missionaries that go into dangerous countries and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the face of persecution and martyrdom. You must make a tremendous and supernatural effort that all things you do upholds your righteousness through His sacrifice and shines the Light of Jesus Christ among men at all times.

You’re going to mess up; .you’re human! Pray before you go on this Internet, participate in places where trusted Christians gather, never go out into this world alone. Practice safe missionary practices, accept the dangers, but avoid the traps, and constantly strive to do God’s Will regardless.

“I pledge allegiance to our Lamb, with all our strength, with all I am” is our song of courage as we go forth in these tumultuous times. We are in this together!

Please God, be with us all!