Jesus stopped me for speeding

I was shaken from life-events a couple months ago. I was discouraged, depressed, and a little bit angry. So, we went for a drive to talk together and try to resolve the troubles that were attacking us from afar. As always, when we talk, we include prayer and sharing of God’s heart, as it develops; these drives help so much.

But this time, it didn’t. I felt so unworthy, so inept, at doing the works for God. I felt I had let Him down in not achieving the successes I was certain He willed me to accomplish. Though my surety of faith and righteousness was NEVER in doubt, my value to the Kingdom of God was shaken. I felt low and lost in my worth to God.

I rounded a corner, doing 61 in a 55, and a State Trooper rounded the corner in the other lane. I watched nervously in my rearview mirror, and immediately saw him whip around and come after me. I pulled over to the side of the road before he even caught up to me.

The place we found ourselves was in the middle of the most beautiful field of wheat and sunflowers. The sun was shining through the clouds, and its rays were penetrating in every direction. An old barn, partially collapsing, was amid the most picturesque and peaceful scene I have ever experienced.

I exhaled a very stressful breath. We rolled our windows down, and breathed the warm air as it blew through our car. I felt my entire being relaxed, and tears of joy formed softly in my eyes.

The cop approached my car. He had a smile on his face. A VERY BIG SMILE. I didn’t even know cops could smile. As he got closer, I was able to see his eyes.

Oh, my good Lord, I saw Him! Christ was in His eyes fully, and the Holy Spirit rushed through us together. Time stood still. He said nothing, we said nothing, and all three of us basked in the movement of the Lord and His Holy Spirit. I felt my soul leap as high as it has ever leaped before, and I heard the voice of Christ inside my mind, deep in my heart, and throughout every cell of my being.

“You are precious to me.”

That was all Christ said. And it was the most needed words I have ever received from Him since my salvation. Oh! Lord! Thank you!

Later (time was unknown), the scene of the supernatural event was over. The cop, with that big smile on his face, cautioned me to slow down, and returned to his police vehicle. We didn’t say anything about our Lord’s visit, but all three of us knew what had happened.

The next week was a terrible week in my life, and many bad people and tough events happened. And every night, I went to bed and thought about those words my Jesus had spoken to me. To hear those words from my beloved Savior was all I needed to stand upon, to recover and spiritually restore my being. Thanks be to God. He had provided me with a way to survive in troubled times, that would be with me forevermore.

Life returned to normal. One day, I thought it would be cool to see my Jesus again, so I turned down that lonely road with intentions of speeding. My precious partner started laughing and ordered me to quit plotting a way to see Jesus again because the next time I see a cop, it will be just a cop. I reluctantly, but wisely, slowed down and kept the peace as I turned around and began life’s journey forward.