The Development of Christian Leadership

We teach it to our students daily, and preach it to any Christian that will listen. Moral and courageous leadership is crucial for the movement of the Word of God in these perilous times, and vital for the eventual establishment of the New Earth. The trouble is, how do we develop Christian leadership in an atmosphere of practiced religions that meet expectations of man, but ignore expectations of the LORD God?

Our Christian men are not often learning leadership through example. Most known Christian leaders today have long ago forgotten who they serve, and prosper with the money and power that come with their position. They change the messages they deliver in the name of God to fit their opulent lifestyles, and remind people that they too can have things if they do as they do.

So how do teachers encourage the leadership potential of young Christians when they show leanings toward that calling?

It’s all in the details. the little troubles in life that barely make a ripple to most, but create opportunities for a young Christian to start building that foundation. It is the choosing the most righteous answer, and taking a stand by himself to execute his solution, that creates the foundation of leadership.

It’s too easy in these days to rely on others to solve problems. We have laws and rules and societies and authorities to fix anything that goes wrong in our life. If we have a problem, pick that phone up and find the biggest authority with the quickest response.

I just finished talking with a good and growing Christian man who struggled with how to approach his neighbors about a dangerous and immoral situation that had developed. He is a righteous man, and he recognized the wickedness of the situation immediately. But how does he respond after his Christian soul moves him to act to right the wrong? The easy answer to call the authorities that might be a choice of most followers of Christ, is not the correct response by him. The leadership training of this young Christian has begun, as he confronts the first of many, many stressful and sometimes dangerous situations, and learns to bring righteousness to bear in the midst of the wicked things in life. It all in the little details, in the tiny movements of response, that begin building the character of a great leader in the Kingdom of God

The leaders that teachers of the LORD God guide today, will be some of the same Christian leaders that help establish our new lives on the New Earth. Our work today, will have consequences and enduring results to all Christians; it is vitally important that we apply our focused efforts to the development of leadership skills among those God Wills right now!