Standards for Teachers of the Word of God

Teachers of the Word of God know the things to be avoided through the study of His Word, and the many warnings to false teachers contained within it. We even prepared a worksheet for all our teachers in training so they would easily identify the characteristics of false teachers and consciously avoid their ways. Of course, when the LORD God chooses a person to become a Teacher of His Word, then that person’s character, ways and will are toward Him, and not inclined to be a false teacher. However, care must always be taken not to emulate even in the smallest way any characteristic known to be possessed by a false teacher.

There is more to being a teacher of the Word of God, than just avoiding these false characteristics. There is a practical approach to the systematic teaching of His Word, and their is a proven way that most spiritual teachers embrace as the pattern of their elders. The old, experienced and successful teachers of God’s Word follow these things:

1. Speak the things that God has led you to teach and always from His Word. Avoid talking about familiar, popular, hip things, unless you are led to use them as an example to make His Word understood by the student. Do not speak as a friend or a peer. A teacher of God’s Word must be respected. Remember, honor is never shown among friends who are equal.

2. Lead the study always. Do not lose control of the places or things that the LORD God has moved you to teach that day. Be alert to conversations straying from the points, and guide them back to the main topics as soon as you can. A teacher of God’s Word is not concerned with a students self improvement ideas, nor a students desires for the lessons to go in a place other than where it is it is being led by God.

3. Stay consistent in your presentation of materials. When the students sit down for the purpose of learning, they should automatically know how the class will proceed. No learning can take place in a free for all, fun times setting. Classes must be structured and predictable, leaving no doubt in the students mind what is expected of him.

4. Know your material. The basic foundation of study that God has placed in your hands should be completely familiar to you. That basic foundation will always be the starting point for the Holy Spirit to guide you deeper to the places and things He wants taught on that day, to that student.

5. Have a spiritual partner assist you. When the Teacher of the LORD God is being moved by the Holy Spirit and delivering His deep mysteries, then all disruptions and interruptions must be avoided. It is vital that a spiritual partner help maintain the quiet learning essential when the soul of the person is receiving knowledge. Partners also help guide the students back to topic and bring questions and comments to the attention of the teacher when they go unnoticed. Most importantly, a spiritual partner keeps the Teacher correct. The partner listens closely for any straying from point or doctrine, and immediately speaks up in a respectful way if the Teacher loses the way.

6. Never take things personally. When a student has an emotional outburst of anger, sadness or even joy, then those emotions belong to the LORD God. If a teacher has properly presented the Word of God, then it is God who the student is having emotions with, and it is God who will deal with those emotions, using the teacher to comfort as He Wills.

7. Never reveal the personal things of your students to others. The very nature of the work of teacher requires example to be given, and most usually, that example come from earlier students actions and interactions. Develop a way of teaching examples without revealing personal information that is identifiable to any student that you have ever had in the past. Keep the secrets and deeply personal things of your students, secrets forever. Hold close the things of soul that are revealed in your presence, and never reveal them to another.

8. Recognize the total and complete responsibility that a Teacher of the Word of God assumes. It is a tough job being a Teacher of the Word of God. The Teacher exposes himself to a heavier judgment in the case he commits transgression in his teachings. A person should not even consider being a Teacher of the Word of God if he is not able to handle the Word perfectly, and able to control and restrain his natural and spiritual life. A Teacher of the Word of God is a dangerous profession and one that puts the Teacher at great risk of severe judgment if he does his job improperly. His focus of ministry must always be to turn a student’s life around when his steering is being violently shaken by the conflicts of the spiritual nature of righteousness and the natural nature of sin. A Bible Teacher must encourage a strong and steady walk with Jesus Christ, as the Truth of the Word of God is handled perfectly in accordance with His Will.

9. Most importantly, pray, study, and walk the walk of Jesus Christ perfectly. A Teacher of the Word of God must be spiritually strong and keen to the Things of the LORD GOD, and ready to teach them as He Wills.

Nov 04, 2023 8:59:41am