Hater of God, His People, and His Things

People who hate God always focus their attention on His People and His Things. To hate God requires a person to actively participate in attempting to lessen His Things. Those who hate God the most, are those who love themselves the most. It is a person’s false belief that they and their things are greater than the LORD GOD and His Things, which lead them to their hatred.

People who hate God want harm to come to His People and His Things. Their greatest pleasure is seeing a faithful and professing Christian fall down with public ridicule. Their daily focus is directed toward the disparagement and condemnation of those who would call themselves Christians. They persecute and malign followers of Christ, and gain a certain degree of worldly power with their actions that falsely convince them that they are more powerful than His People.

They often try to place Christians in their quagmire dramas, to cripple and restrain works by Him. At the same time, God haters work diligently at destroying the credibility and truth of a Christian, and will use lies and manipulations to accomplish their goal.

When God haters take their hatred to their graves, they are promised a very harsh punishment in the Day of Judgment. Sometimes God haters are given chances in their life to redeem their sins against Him, through the acceptance and following of Jesus Christ. Usually, the offer is rejected.

The hatred of those who hate God, are more potent than the love they have for anyone other than themselves. If one of their loved ones betrays them by loving the LORD God, that person will face their ridicule and rejection which will eventually lead to direct and purposeful persecution at their hands.

God haters are vain just as Lucifer admired his beauty and perfection to be above God in his delusion. Everything God haters do in this life is for nothing. Their works in this world are dead. Their lives are pathetically lived with the self-focus of perfectness reflected in the mirror, but absolute wickedness reflected in their ways. They are vulgar, worldly and ugly.

Christians who have contact with God haters must separate themselves from their presence. You cannot save a God hater, and you cannot bring a God hater to Christ. If there is hope of salvation for the God hater, then it comes at the active moving and grace of the LORD God, and not in your hands at all. Certainly, a new Christian without a solid foundation of Jesus Christ formed, will never be used to directly bring God haters to Christ. The LORD God would never jeopardize one of His new Children for such a difficult task of witness to the infidels in the world.

Leave the God haters to their wicked ways of living. It is vital that Christians separate from their presence, if they are to walk the straight and narrow path of Jesus Christ. To be in the presence of a hater of God, dirties your soul with the wicked things that hatred brings. More importantly, to allow the hatred of God, His People and His Things to be actively expressed in a Christian’s presence, causes the holy temple of the living God to be polluted with the wickedness of that hatred, and lessens the ability to complete His
Works as He Wills.