Denying Christ with a gun pointed at your head is still denying Christ

IF YOU DENY CHRIST because a gun is pointed at you or at your loved ones, or to remove yourself from a fiery death, or to gain your release from kidnappers, or to stop persecution, or to gain advantage, or to survive in order to live another day (it really doesn’t matter the excuse) you are still guilty of denying Jesus Christ!

The Palestinian kidnappers of Fox Journalists (years ago) held a gun to their heads and told them to read a prepared statement that announced to the world that they had converted to Islam. They
complied, then after their release announced that they did not mean what they read.

End Times Christians do not have that freedom! There comes a time when every Christian must stand up strongly and faithfully declare their allegiance to Jesus Christ. In these times, it is crucial to stand firm, regardless of the threats made to you.

The world considers the reading of the kidnapper’s letters as mere propaganda; to the Christians who are forced to read that trash, it is something more. It is the denial of their allegiance to their King. Certainly, many would argue that to survive is the important thing, for if they were dead, their witness to Jesus Christ could not continue. But in reality, a Christian’s witness to Jesus Christ is destroyed the first time He is denied. From that moment of denial, the word a Christian speaks is of no consequence. If a Christian cannot stand tall in conflict, then his faith is pretend. It is a Christian’s strong stance in times of danger to himself or his family that is the powerful witness of the One they serve and love.

It’s scary times, I know, and to imagine yourself or loved ones in this situation is sickening and terrifying. We can hope that each of us survives these end days intact, without being placed in the threat of death or persecution for our belief. The Word of God, and reality, tells us that most of us will in fact be placed in very difficult and scary positions in order to break our testimony for Jesus Christ.

It is the testimony of the martyrs and saints that spread Christianity throughout the world. It is the blood of those who stood strong in faith in Jesus Christ, and announced to the witnesses that He is King and Savior above all! It was the burning saints that looked to the Heaven for redemption, rather than the world for salvation, who cried out to their Lord in faith as they burned, rather than remove themselves from fiery death through denial of the One they loved.

When your time comes, and you are faced with that terrible choice of saving your life, reputation, family, possessions or freedom through the denial of your walk with Jesus Christ, or going to your death and facing persecution for your belief:

Shout loudly to your Savior so all can hear…


Then ready yourself for your glorious reward! Any day is a good day to die, when you can go with your faith in Jesus Christ being proclaimed to the world!