About Becker Bible Studies

I will be loading every study I write onto this site. Each loaded study will have a number that indicates the order they should be studied. All Bible Studies can be accessed by choosing the category of “Bible Study” at this site.

The studies begin with simple and familiar concepts that all Christians should know. These studies begin at the beginning, so we are assured that we are all on the same page. As the studies continue, you will notice they get longer and more difficult. By BI113, you will find information within the studies that you probably have never been taught before.

I am a deep Bible teacher chosen by God to write deep Bible Studies for mature Christians. I write things of typology and the mysteries of God that are contained within the Word of God. I do not teach a specific doctrine of a specific church purposely; rather I teach Scripture, and sometimes mention doctrines that have developed by that particular reference if it is important to the study.

Mature Christians are fed deeply through these studies as they learn the deeper Word of God. Thanks be to God for all of His sharing of mysteries as we delve into the depths of Scripture to touch the face of Him!