NOAH – Times LIKE Noah (Lesson 4)

By Kathy L McFarland

Our times are similar to Noah’s day. Great wickedness prevails at every darkened corner in people’s frequently chosen lifestyles of carnal pleasure. Lust runs rampant and controls human sexuality, as well as guides breathing creatures to every form of deviant expression to raise the bar even higher with perverse doings.

While liberal do-gooders espouse the hope of change on our planet with ecological developments, life creation and control measures, and one world government, life has become almost intolerable for faithful Christians. At every turn, Christians are bombarded with real-life promotion of things that only Satan could originate. Babies are killed as birth control and the convenience of society. Old people are cast away, as the government develops programs to end their lives quietly with socialized medicine that favors the young. Prisons are filled with addictions that were first created by government supported drug cartels. War and threats of war are not based on righteous cause, but rather world control of products and profits.

Scientists promote shaky theories as fact, and campaign vigorously to prevent the Truth of God from entering the classroom. Political correctness standards prevent the Christian from speaking fully, while vile spokespeople mock the Lord Jesus Christ regularly in skits, cartoons, editorials and free speech. Honor is given to false gods and idols, and false religions elevated to hold legitimate rights to exist, while disdain is cast upon Christians who pronounce the Word of God to be Truth.

Courts cast their verdicts to prosper the liberal guilty, and hold Christian activism to a higher standard. Often rapists and murderers are set free before those standing for the cause of Christ against wicked rule are given a hearing. Dank and darkened jail cells hold the persecuted and oppressed people belonging to Jesus Christ because they disregard their government’s prohibition’s to faith.

Soldiers are forced to fight for wicked cause while bearing the weight of national pride directed by corrupt political fervor. Governments are established to control people rather than represent them. Christian causes are placed on the back burner, while Islamic principles are recited and implemented daily to improve relations of the oil producing third world nations. Israel is under attack by those who wish her destruction, and government officials turn their backs, as her existence becomes more threatened. One-World policy is developed that quietly removes the Jews right to own the Promised Land given to them by the LORD God, as Palestinian thugs persuade support with threats, terrorism, and murder.

Life is nasty. The televisions, movies and internet sites pummel the senses of viewers with profane images of perversions and pornography. Sexual abuse is not only prevalent behind the closed doors of perverse parents and pretenders of faith but out in the open and practiced with great fervor by evil minions seeking their self-pleasured lusts, captured by the cameras to sway support. Homosexual relations are pronounced equal to God-blessed marriages in dramatic parades and policies, and those who honestly question the moral decline are tagged with words of blasphemous insult. Mind control is conducted daily through the mass media of the masses, and young children are led to the perverse ways of the devil by casually watching his works unfold.

Laws are made to control people, and beasts are raised up to be free and prosperous. Human life has lost dignity, and animal life has gained support above them. The world moves away from being subdued by God’s Creation, and is gaining momentum of controlling those He created to watch over and guide His handiwork. Worms and fish and horned owls are protected, while the helpless life inside a womb allowed to be murdered at mother’s choice.

Evil religious institutions teach the traditions of mankind in spite of the Word of God, and create new ways for people to be saved without bowing a knee to Jesus Christ. Liberal people of faith vote against God in their gathered conferences, and uphold the ways of man as they institute and water down government of the souls they are tasked with shepherding. Conservative people of faith support a pretender that evokes Messianic overtones that comes close to a false Christ, seeking to overthrow democracy in favor of armed rebellion. The Word of God is falsely declared a historical government and disregarded as a book with error; some religions go as far as writing a “better book” for their people to follow because the Way of God seems unfair, unflattering, or unobtainable.

The LORD God, the all-powerful, allĀ­ knowing God of all Gods is prayed to by the pretenders of faith as a genie who grants wishes to those that ask. The Lord Jesus Christ is profanely taunted and blasphemed by a world of spite and hatred, and His followers persecuted and oppressed at every turn. Even the Holy Spirit is mocked, as pretend faithful manipulate religious fervor to their advantage, to gain power and prestige among the religious worshippers who cannot see or hear. People of faith have mixed their seed with people of evil heart for so long, that the God’s breath is no longer seen inside the products of their union.

Sadly, these words just touch the tip of the absolute wickedness that our generation lives within. These times are no different than the times of Noah, as every imagination of wickedness fills the people. Christians wait expectantly for the Lord Jesus Christ to return, and unleash His tribulation and judgment upon wicked and perverse generations. We watch as the sign of the times reveals the promises of Christ’s return to be close, and we try to hold firm in faith and safe from persecution, without falling to the traps set before us.

We gather in churches and fellowships. We study our Bibles. We sing our hymns and offer our times and talents to advance the LORD God’s Word when we can. Yet, no matter how much we do, it cannot hold back the perfect storm tide of wicked man. Times are unfolding as we watch the profane dance in the street. The faithful Christian waits and watches and wonders when their hope will come.

Will the Lord find us ready to receive Him? Will we be shouting from the housetops and the mountains and the ships of the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ and His coming rule, or will we be hiding in the darkened caves and whispering to each other as the world goes mad? Noah was found righteous and perfect when the LORD God chose to destroy the wicked world of old. He built an ark, unknowing of the time or process, but knowing His God perfectly, and obeying His Word. It is that unflinching confidence in the knowledge of the LORD God saved Noah and his family, and it is the same confidence we must hold in these times, as the clouds begin to roll and thunder above us with the signs of His coming drawing near.