What do you think?

I really want to know!

I receive daily requests to go to preach and teach in countries all over the world. I receive offers of great money to help form programs with me as the head of the productions.

This week, I have had many emails accusing me of avoiding the calls of God by failing to go to the various needs.

What I think I know: I’m doing what God called me to do. I am a writer, not a speaker. I am a teacher, not a preacher. I am one small part of the Body of Christ. My contributions in doing the Lord’s work guided by the Holy Spirit help all of those God brings to formulate their own works for Him. If I choose to answer one “call” of those wanting my actual presence, I would have absolutely no time to complete the works God has given me to write and publish freely to Christians He has assigned great works.

What many “callers” think: If I would step out of my comfort zone, fame would follow, and that extra attention would free me up to do even more works for the Lord and provide money to enlarge the works of God.

I AM CONFIDENT I AM DOING WORKS ASSIGNED BY GOD! However, am I limiting those works by “staying in my lane” and doing one thing very good?

I do NOT think I am limiting God’s works; rather, I think I am dedicated to the specific work God has given me. AND, I am doing just what I am tasked to do by Him.

Others think that I am not seizing the ability to grow the works higher and bring more glory to His Kingdom and specific peoples in need for direct ministry.

I really want to know what YOU think. I hope you choose my side! But if you don’t, could you please make a strong argument with Scripture support as necessary? Has my spiritual works helped and grown your own spiritual works?

Help me weigh this issue once and for all, so I can confidently accomplish the works the Lord has given me to do.

(This personal post is to help illuminate the indecisions that occur in all Christian works as they began growing)


My dear, fellowshipping Christian friends who contributed to this discussion. You have centered me, and supported me perfectly. Your conclusions are my conclusions, and my prayer reveals the same conclusions. With your participation, I was able to think on the indecisions from many different directions which was a Godsend.

I asked for my friends thoughts, for four reasons. 1) I was being deluged with emails that were unanimously chastising me for hiding behind Facebook and not stretching the ministry bigger. 2) There are NO Christians that can see straight all of the time, and reliance upon fellowshipping Christian’s opinions help center the focus; 3) Though I thought I knew God’s will with certainty, I was shaky on some of the details; with my strong Christian’s friends support, I have it clear and concise now. 4) I wanted to let my Christians friends know that when you do a work for the Lord, this situation of wanting to advance it occurs EVERY time (it is our human nature), and also brings confusion for choosing direction. Hopefully, this sharing will remind others how common this problem is.

I am sticking with my convictions and my respected Christian friends support of this decision. Most importantly, the Lord has not told me differently, so it is here where I stand.

Big hugs to all my helpful friends!