Lusts of the Heart

Lusts of the heart are destroying churches! Sexual perversions and worldly morality, desire for riches and power, and corrupting the Word of God to become more liberal in practice are prevalent in most spiritual places. Combined with false teachers and witches who have agendas to destroy faith, and the popular social media condoning and tempting walks away from the Lord, more and more burden is placed upon the true Christian leaders of congregations that worship the LORD God, through the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Please discuss one of the following in detail (if you would like to write about more than one, give each topic due regard). The following subjects are for your consideration.

1. Seeking wealth

2 Manipulating people to move away from the Lord and toward the world

3. Worldly exposure, and its tricks and treats

4. Seeking connections to powerful entities in the world

5. Seeking titles to gain people’s respect without regard to the Lord’s standards

6. Worldly sexual perversions, pleasures and practices

7. The seeking of fame, fortune, and fantastic opportunities

8. Corrupting the Word of God

9. Witchcraft

10. False Teachers

11. The destruction of marriages and family

12. Perverse liberalism or conservatism

13. The worshipping of false gods

14. Wickedness made normal by social norms and media

15. Child sexual abuse by those within the Christian churches

16. Seeking man’s self-help, rather than learn God’s Word.

Christian leaders, this is a few of the many problems that are destroying churches from within. Please share your knowledge, experience, and possible solutions to begin addressing this problem with those God has placed in your care. The more detail, the better!


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