Wicked entities want to receive the forgiveness of Christ

Matthew 6:14–15 (KJV 1900)
14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

That is the Scripture verse that causes immature and misguided Christians a shaky walk with Christ. Enough guilt is thrown from the world already that suggests we must forgive all people of all sins. Wicked entities love to shove that verse into the conversation when defending their attacks against Christians, and hope to receive forgiveness and absolution for their heinous acts.

First, let’s look at what Scripture is really saying:

1. If you forgive men that trespass against you, then the Heavenly Father will forgive you.

2. Trespass is sin; the nature of sin moves you away from the LORD God. If someone trespasses against you, they are moving themselves away from you after doing something wrong. Even though they are far away from you, you must forgive them if you expect to be forgiven by God. (Of course, let us acknowledge that Christ does NOT want us anywhere near the Wicked, so they shouldn’t be in your presence to begin with, unless you are specifically directed by Christ to be close).

3. If you do NOT forgive MEN that trespass against you, then your Father will not forgive your trespasses either.

This seems simple and forthcoming, “forgive if you want to be forgiven.” Who you are to forgive makes a very big difference in understanding forgiveness. The more you understand who you are to forgive, the more you learn who not to forgive.

The simple meaning of “men” are human beings that were created purposely by the LORD God with His breath breathed into them to make them living beings from His essence. Thus, we can tell a bit more from the simple “forgive men that trespass against you.”

“Men” are not “Angels.” “Men” with the essence of the LORD God within them CANNOT know the extreme wickedness of the Devil. “Men” created with the LORD God’s breath inside CANNOT hate God.

Christians are NOT instructed to forgive evil! We are NOT instructed to forgive disobedient angels, creation without God’s breath inside them, or the fallen demons of wickedness, or especially the devil himself. We also are not instructed to forgive people who have the breath of Satan inside them that follow his evil against God. If they hate our LORD God, we do not forgive them as they continue in their hatred. Our love of God demands loyalty to Him.

This seems easy to figure out, doesn’t it? Until you realize that Lucifer was a very powerful and authoritative angel in Heaven. He was beautiful and popular with the angels; so popular, that he was able to trick 1/3 of the angels to follow him (Revelation 12:3-4). If those angels can be tricked to reject God and follow Lucifer, how sure are you not to be tricked? Is your faith strong enough, Christ’s Standards clear enough in your mind, heart, and soul, to recognize the Truth of God?


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