Stay in your lane if God is in it!

Recently, I’ve been trying to get various Christian leaders on Facebook to realize how invaluable their ministry is going! Many of them are starting to get known on Facebook and are being asked to expand their ministry on Facebook and move to preaching and teaching in a virtual or real brick and mortar.

Facebook ministries that I am seeing in these Last Days are reaching more people with the Word of God, Encouragement, Testimony, Warnings, Praise, Guidance, and Love, with much more hidden contact than we will ever know. Though it seems safer to move on up to the brick and mortar churches, and certainly more profitable and popular reputation builder, it seems counterintuitive to the things God is moving in these times.

Staying in our lane that God has placed us in our ministry using Facebook seems like the wisest and easiest choice to reach everyone God chooses us to reach. In-country missionaries of the past should be applauded and upheld for their tremendous works done for the Lord in scary and destitute places. But now, God’s ministry is speeding up to reach everyone that can be reached by His choice.

I believe that Facebook, at this moment, is developing into becoming one of the furthest reaching vehicles we have. Christian Leaders! Stay in your lane, and don’t leave us alone. Every ministry that is based on the Word of God fully is needed in these tough times!