Sexual scandal with Christian leadership

I’m not taking a stance yet about the popular gossip going on against one of the popular Christian leaders. The Lord hasn’t given me understanding or words yet, and I will await His direction. However, I do have my personal thoughts concerning the dangerous position of Christian Leadership with regards to the devil’s lust that is constantly thrown upon them.

Please let me be blunt. Christian leadership in modern history has tried all sorts of techniques to avoid exposure to the tempting lusts of this world, especially when it comes to sexual lusts and perversities. It is a real problem, that is destroying many churches of all denominations, and ruining many victims lives and destroying faith opportunities and works.

Becker Bible Ministries, Inc. loves that their employees, contractors, and representatives take their spouses with them to do our works for the Lord. We believe that an important ministry needs all sorts of support, and a spouse is that best support to help ground the ministries and help raise the arms of leadership. However, as a guard against drifting toward lust, we are not convinced that anything will hinder it, should the Christian leader choose to be tempted.

We believe submitting to temptation is a choice, not a slip-up, of Godly men and women. Recent news in America showed an advanced Christian College leader, who refused to be alone with any female in the most arrogant and attention-seeking ways but used his wife for his sexual perversities to have sex with others as he watched.

Leadership can be as publicly careful as they can and give all kinds of signals that they are following the “Billy Graham” way and refusing to be in the company of the opposite sex alone. But, when you examine it closely, you find that there are many straying leaderships out there of both sexes, tempted by the devil to lust in their heart, and complete the sexual acts soon after.

Quite frankly, I have been at the other side of the “Billy Graham” approach, where religious leaders and political leaders fail to meet with me because of my “female” status, and their wives being unavailable. It is insulting and humiliating; the jobs I do for the Lord Jesus Christ are timely and very important. I have no interest in their sexual proclivities, and one look at me, with consideration of my professional attitude, will shout that out. To not meet with females’ leaders because the wifey is not available is ridiculous!

On the other hand, spouses, if your Christian leader has strayed in the past, don’t let him or her out of your sight as they do the works of the Lord. The ministry can come crashing down quicker than a tornado hitting an old shack should the leader stray toward the lusts when he or she is tempted.

Sadly, with the ways of the world, it is the most difficult sin that leadership confronts. We need to watch each other’s backs, counsel quickly if we see temptation or straying, involve spouses when
apparent harlotry is present or sensual dress, dances, and actions are in your face. But most importantly…

Christian Leadership! Walk the standards of Christ! Quit looking and considering each of the temptations that come your way. You are a Holy Vessel of the LORD God who dwells within your heart. Please do not share that heart with pornography, perversions, and lust. Avoid the world! We have a strong task given us by the Lord Jesus Christ to go out and teach and preach to those that He chooses to bring our way. Your heart cannot be big enough to share both the ministry and the “feel goods” of improper sexual release.

If you are unable to control sexual lusts for the same sex, opposite sex, or God forbid, children, or animals, please let the Lord know now and get it fixed before His works are destroyed. Your status as a sinning lustful Christian leader is not viable. One slip-up can destroy every good work you have done in His name.

Please, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, commit to a heart of God that is free from the lusts of this world.

In Jesus Christ’s Name I Pray! Amen.


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