Why are you against self-confidence and pride?

Bob wrote me, critical of the churches, then turned the tables on me, and chastised me for being against self-confidence, self-credit, and self-pride. Here is my answer:

You are right: Many Christian churches of today are filled with corruptions and hypocrisies and are becoming exactly the institutions that the Word of God warns us about in Scripture prophecy.

You are also very right that we abhor the focus of self, and instead favor the focus on our walk with Jesus Christ, and our works for God. Popular movements of today encourage self-focus and improvement, and in fact, we have seen many people improve their lot in life by participating in evaluating themselves, and changing the things that are causing them to not grow.

But that has nothing to do with the walk that Jesus Christ as expressed in his Word of God. Churches have become so dirtied by focusing on making money and conducting self-improvement projects for their congregations. They may well be entertaining and
profitable for their church, but they are NOT worshiping God.

On a personal note:

The more closely I focus on the things of God, the more self- confident I become. This self-confidence is not a sin, but a declaration of faith. While I may well mess things up bad on my own, I am confident that if I let the Holy Spirit lead me, everything works out perfectly.

Is it me that is preparing my mind, body and soul with study and prayer to God to give Him access? Yes! And I am very proud of the efforts I have made, and strive every day to do better.

While I may well mess things up bad on my own, I am confident that if I let the Holy Spirit lead me, everything works out perfectly.

Is it me that is doing the works of God? No! The Holy Spirit is. Thus, my self-confidence is not conviction in my rightness, but rather in the surety of the Holy Spirit’s righteousness.

When He is moving things, and I’m not getting in the way, I am confident that the things God wills for me to accomplish will succeed.

I have a faithful self-confidence that all things are possible with God, and can be moved with the Holy Spirit, and if He chooses, through me as His tool. My self-confidence (or maybe better said “my confidence in the moving of the Holy Spirit”) in this comes as a result of faith in the righteousness and perfectness of the Spirit of God.

Does God look upon me as a sinner because I am proud that I strive every day to become a better tool for Him, than I did before? No! He wants everyone of His People to strive to their highest spiritual places, so more of His Works can be accomplished.

If I could not experience the feeling of pride, then I would have no measure or motivation to move to the next higher level. It is not a sin, but rather a desirable condition if God is given His due.

The Word of God is not perverted! The things some people have done with the Bible is. It is imperative in these days that Christians with strong faith and conviction opens the Bible up and studies to learn the things of God, rather than sitting around like stupid beasts and be led by the nose by false teachers.

One day, on the New Earth, there will be a great need of leaders who are able to translate the Word and Will of God to bring justice and truth to lives who have been tricked in this lifetime.


And that is the challenge for every Christian, trying to grow spiritually in these confusing times. You must pick your teacher well.

If you go to the churches that teach self-improvement, then you will be deluded into learning things that do not concern God at all. If you are taught the things of God, through His Word, your life will begin to conform to His Way, and He Will begin to use you.

And brothers and sisters, if you don’t experience an immense pride from being chosen by Him, then you are insulting His love for you!

That’s the way I see it, and that’s the way I teach it.