What are some good KJV Bible Studies for Women

One of the things that bothers me in these times is specialized Bible studies for the different sexes. The reason it bothers me is because it has reduced our Christian women to believe they are of a class that should focus merely on women in the Bible with application to homemaking, childrearing and supporting their husbands.

While all of these things are important and required by God, women are just as easily used, and often more effectual in teaching and bringing the things of God to those He Wills. In fact, He is bringing many strong Christian women to the table and preparing them for vital works in the exact same way that He prepares men.

Women can NOT be the head of a church as a primary leader of the congregation according to the Word of God because she lacks God’s authority to be a shepherd over the flock. However, NO authority is required for teaching and writing and doing the things of God when guided by the Holy Spirit. Christians can read and learn and hear the teachings of God from a woman, and determine whether it has the authority of the Holy Spirit that is guiding them to grow spiritually. That is what a strong Christian woman leader can do!

Women can raise those preachers (both their children and others) to perfectly handle the Word of God. The Word of God does not prohibit women from writing books, participating in social protests, implementing social change, bringing religious doctrine closer to the Will of God, teaching His things and leading the lost, homeless, disabled, confused and young to find His path. For these reasons, I include women in all areas of our Bible Studies, and in fact, they are my best authors and teachers.

I understand you asked a simple reference, and I seem to be preaching a larger sermon; but, this issue is so close to my heart that I jump at every opportunity to share my view. Simply stated, the capabilities of spiritual works have been severely limited in women as a direct result of bad doctrine, arrogant interpretations by pretend Christians and a constant oppression by the devil himself. Many of our women have been subjected to the most heinous of assaults, both sexual and mental, as young girls to prevent them from accomplishing the LORD God’s Works later in life. Churches prepare simplified women’s Bible studies to focus them on simple spiritual stories of Ruth to bring loyalty to mother-in-laws of Faith, and basic training of Esther to manipulate men to achieve God’s Will. While these stories bring a certain feeling of mattering to most Christian women, they result in few spiritual Works being accomplished.

I have committed to raise up the spiritual potential of all Christian women, and I believe the only way to accomplish this is to require the same demanding of learning the things of God, being held to the same accountability to rightly divide His Word. That means I expect all my women students to start at the basic studies of foundation and move on to the deeper things as God Wills. I believe that our Becker Bible Studies are a perfect teaching tool for this goal, and I have seen many strong Christian men and women learn His Word, and do His Works led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish great things of His as a result.

I encourage you to look at our various studies online and prepare to teach your Bible study for women with the same commitment that is displayed continuously for the training up of Christian men. start with our Foundation of Jesus Christ Bible study, and move on to the deeper things as He leads.

God’s Blessings in your important Works for Him.