The Meek will inherit the Earth

Matthew 5:5 (KJV 1900)
5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Now let’s reason this together. Throughout the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ, He tells us over and over that this earth does not belong to us as Christians. He wants us to separate from the world, right? And we know that there will one day be a New Heaven and a New Earth. Reasoning this through is clearly speaking of the New Earth. The meek will be blessed by inheriting the earth.

So, when does the Lord want meekness? Right now, as we inhabit this sinful old earth. It’s not about being angelic and holy towards the earth people today. Secular people are aggressive and loud and political and opinionated and violent. Christians should be apart from this world. Not boisterous and having their views known throughout the world. Meek. Gentle. Mild.

I taught you that I will never be famous and lead hundreds of thousands of people. How do I know? Because meekness will never get me fame. I stay as gentle and mild as I can (difficult always), so I don’t lose the opportunity to teach those that God wants me to teach. Now, I am a strong Christian with the Power God dwelling within me and quite capable of defending myself, my family, and my Lord. But if I use that power and strength to gain the world’s attention, my days of teaching the Word of God to the Christians God has chosen is over. That is how I know I will NOT be famous on this earth.

And by the way, if you carry guns, knives, machetes aggressively, concealed or otherwise, you are not being meek. You are arming yourself to be powerful and overcome others. Yes, sometimes you must war, or defend your country, or your loved ones, and that is acceptable for righteousness’s sake. But posturing and attention-seeking with a weapon assumes you want power over others (or you are a coward), and that is not being meek. You run the risk of losing your inheritance of the New Earth if you become too powerful on this one.

Another problem with meekness that Christians have is their dress. If women are showing their bosoms, and wearing tight clothes, that is not meek; it is attention-seeking. If men wear tight pants and buy expensive clothing to take pictures to show their wealth or good looks, that is attention-seeking also. If believers dance with HOLINESS for the LORD God in worship inside a church setting, that can be meek, because it is done inside the church walls. But if that church opens its doors to invite the world within, and dance for entertainment’s sake with their dance moves emulating sex to possibly attract men or women, then that is attention-seeking.

I am meek as I do my job, I am promised by the Lord to inherit the New Earth. I will not have to be meek on the New Earth. I will live my life with my loved ones and do the ministry that the Lord directs with my full righteousness and personality. But today, I am meek, and do not gain the world’s attention. I will be blessed on the New Earth because I am going to inherit it. Does this make sense?

If the Lord has chosen a Christian for a specific work that requires him or her to gain the attention of the world, then whatever the Christian is equipped with should be used. There are times when the Lord does not want meekness to be defined with large works. However, in most cases, staying meek is the behavior that should be emulated in this world that does not belong to us.