Our Kids are our business

One in four girls, and one in five boys will experience sexual abuse before they reach the age of 18. Children, on average, must report this abuse eight times before an adult will believe them and take action. The abuse most often is from a family member, who wields control over the child through intimidation, and the abuser counts on the victims vulnerability to keep the dirty secrets hidden.

Victims of sexual abuse should not have to struggle with the things of darkness that enter into their world after their innocence is snatched away, but they do repeatedly, because they have no one in their lives to help them escape. When we hear about the sexual abuse of young ones, we rightfully condemn the wicked and lustful acts of the perpetrator, and shout out our repulsion of their acts, but we fail our children daily when we blind ourselves to the dangers within our own communities.

The reality for Christians is this: the devil will try to destroy as many innocent souls as he can before they are able to mature to the place of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. Satan does this by controlling the lust of the heathen, to bring the dirtiness of sexual shame upon young victims, to keep those victims believing they are unworthy to receive the things of God.

The devil isn’t stupid, people. He chooses his victims with care, making sure that the young ones are vulnerable to the pervert’s threats to keep the all important secret. He chooses the households where the focus is not on the children, but on the drama of the adults. He chooses the homes where the woman will sacrifice one of her young for the stability and companionship of the same man that will abuse her child in the dark, behind closed doors. The devil chooses to find those innocent victims that might one day grow to conquer his hold, and snatches their ability before they reach that awareness through the shame, rejection and dirtiness of his lustful ways.

Our Kids are Our Business! As Christian leaders we must take strong stands and shout from our bully pulpits that children matter most, and protection can be found within our presence! As followers of Jesus Christ we must stand up and be counted as willing to provide sanctuary, to support victims, to seek justice and hold the abuser accountable, and to embrace those rejected as a result of that secret being exposed. If we do not stand against this wicked movement of the devil, then our proclamations of faith are weak and unworthy.

In Bible times of old, the sacrifice of children were made for the false Gods, and we are horrified to consider those things of past could have happened. Every time a child is subjected to the sexual abuse of a pervert, he is being sacrificed to the God of lust. Every time a child must keep a secret in order to be safe, that child is being sacrificed. Every time a child is not protected by other family members from the horrible abuses of the devil, that child is being sacrificed. Every time a mother turns a blind eye to the child’s torture, that child is being sacrificed.

Every time a community ignores the problems of the sexual abuse of their children, then not only are the children sacrificed, but also the standards of decency, honor and righteousness are thrown to the ground. Oh how the devil delights in treading upon the victims and the blind communities as he establishes another foothold, for another day and another innocent child.

Our Kids are our Business – Stand up and Stop Child Abuse Now!