Letter of rebuttal to Christian writer

I wrote a strong letter of rebuttal toward a fellow Christian worker, and I am very saddened to do it. He was arrogantly bragging upon his perceived five-fold gifts in an email to me, and declaring himself to be more superior than most Christian leaders as evidenced by His blessed apostleship, supernatural activities. What makes it even more sad, is the Holy Spirit laid it on my heart to share this on Facebook, because there are more faithful workers being led away from their walk with Christ daily. I pray that these words can stop the blind movement of even one of His cherished workers and bring them back to the Word of God.

Email begins:

I think we are in full agreement that the LORD God is moving key players into position for these End Times. I also believe that these chosen people are being graced with supernatural gifts to accomplish the tasks that God Wills, as necessary and for specific use.

What makes me nervous with your explanation, however, is that you talk about it, and I’m not seeing you prove it with His Word. Up to this point, I have been watching your ministry, and reading your words, to discern and consider your role in the various movements that are occurring now under the direction of our God and the wily countermoves of the devil.

This is what I know for certain. Those who are being equipped for the battle, those who are being raised up to bring His Will forward, those who are being placed in strategic spiritual minefields to clear the way for the lost to find their way toward Christ in these End Days aren’t talking about it. In fact, it is the quietness among His workers, the protection of the top secret things that we know and are preparing for that causes us to differ from our enemies. One part of that supernatural moving of God allows each of His True Workers to recognize the others who are faithful and trustworthy in His Kingdom.

Here is the biggest problem with the Internet; true workers for the LORD God are so busy trying to declare their authority, gifts and talents, to shut-up the naysayers and the laughing fools who challenge faithful work, that they stop doing the work of the Lord, and start playing into the agenda of carnal man. Part of that agenda includes causing the spiritual leaders to focus on proving themselves over and over and over, to write with words that sound heavenly and above the normal speak of man, and complicate the doctrine and points with an intelligent rendering that appears to go over the top of peoples heads, but makes the speaker a foolish toy to be manipulated and condemned.

So, my friend, let me put it in the simple words that I speak. Your doctrine as expressed in this letter is part of the movement of Satan to begin the establishment of his complete wicked rule. Your free use of terms that are recognized by me to have originated from specific movements by Lucifer, causes me to reject everything you say. And that makes me sad. Because I am not certain in my soul that you are doing the bidding of the devil. I have seen glimpses of light in some of the things you have shared, and I most certainly have considered the words you spoke while declaring a moving of the Holy Spirit. I have investigated your background, and have known for some time of the disdain of the general Christian community for you.

On the other hand, I am very familiar with these days, and know that many of His greatest workers are being placed in those same situations. You are a difficult one to weigh, my friend. I’ve made allowance for your grand speech patterns and polluted words that the devil sends my way often. I have chalked it up to the tremendous stresses each of the Faithful face daily in trying to accomplish the works God Wills with the assault of the wicked on the Internet trying to stop it at every turn.

Bluntly speaking, if you keep using the words that you are using today, if you continue to form your doctrine around the basis of these words you speak, you are going to be used in helping Satan establish his rule. You are not going to be aware of it, and in fact, you are going to feel empowered and powerful with many supernatural abilities given to you by the dark one, to delude you into thinking you are doing the things of God. The devil is going to blind you and manipulate you and cause you to reject anyone who tells you the truth. As I write this, I am praying that Jesus allows you to hear the words I am speaking, because truly, I am speaking to a friend in Christ, who desperately seeks to do His bidding, but has somehow become trapped in the enemies clutches.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I suspect that you took a wrong turn at a point when God had given you some great spiritual gifts, and the devil stepped in to teach you how to use them. Sometimes that happens, and is not as much your fault as it is the person who was tasked by God to ensure that you as a babe in Christ and new to the spiritual gifts would learn the correct way in welding them. I sure would be interested one day in learning the exact moment this happened to you, and would delight in making evil pay for trying to steal a lover of God away.

This is what you need to do. Start back at the beginning. Open your Bible and study. Build that foundation back up. See who God has placed in your path to help you get past the clutches of Satan, and move once again according to His Word.

Apparently, you are a valuable worker in His eyes, and even though you have been tricked, God has allowed you to continue to possess the skills in these confusing times. Apparently, you are valuable to me as a fellow worker and a Christian friend, to fight Satan where he has chosen to battle.

My friend, you are standing right there at a crossroads. If you choose the side of God, you may well feel depressed and little and unworthy as He reteaches you His Word and prevents you from using the gifts until you are skillful. If you choose the side of Satan, you will find your supernatural and five-fold gifts increasing in magnification, and you will feel lifted and empowered and as if you are standing in the midst of angels. But, it will be a delusion that is perpetuated upon you by the tricky evil one. Either way, you will be useful to one side or the other; it’s your choice.

I declare my love for you, I declare the same love that Jesus Christ has for you, and I will not shrink from the battle. While my inclination is to command the demons away from you, I am fearful that they will return sevenfold unless you return to the path God Wills in accordance with His Word.

It’s a tough place to be and you are going to have to choose the path. I wish I could say that there are very few who have been tricked in this manner; however, the truth is we are losing good Christian workers through this trickery on a daily basis. For that reason, I will be publishing my answer to you on Facebook with the personal info removed, and pray with my complete soul that hundreds of workers can recognize the trickery and come back to His Word. God’s Will be done.