Conflict between the worldly religious and the spiritually faithful

According to social norm and practice, as well as political common sense and the art of war, this post that I write today might suggest to some that I am vulnerable to criticism. That opinion would be very wrong; however, concern for that opinion forming almost caused me not to write about a topic that I have considered. Because I am very confident that the LORD God has caused me to consider these things, and moved me to share them with my Christian brothers and sisters, then my fear of misjudgment by man is unimportant.

Every post and every opinion I share with others on the Internet is signed by me. I don’t hide behind the name “anonymous”, and I don’t waffle back and forth between popular ideas and the Word of God. Every study that Becker Bible Studies teachers and authors have ever written is supported by Bible verse for each point. Writings by me may well expose a candor, urgency, timeliness,
pithiness, controversy, but it is my thoughts shared as truthfully as I can with as much explanation as can be offered.

One thing is certain in the world of social blogging and in the practice of religion; some will be offended. The sharing of belief often challenges others to defend their own. Sometimes this challenge is too difficult to undertake. Those who have difficulty in rationally thinking about their stand, those who base their spiritual beliefs on social and popular worldly opinion, those who hide behind the signature of “Anonymous”, those who strive to force all people to believe and practice their religion as “one world”, those are the people who are going to be in conflict with both me and the Word of God.

Every spiritually Faithful Christian is as different from every worldly Religious Person, as the Word of God is as different to a “Movie of the Week”. One is real, and one is pretend.

The spiritually Faithful strive daily to get it right to walk the walk with Jesus Christ, according to the Word of God. To form opinion and ideas based on that Word. To boldly declare the Word of God as He moves them to share. To support their opinions with His Word, and maintain a public and open accountability for all to see.

The worldly Religious strive to conform daily to worldly ways…to walk the walk of the carnal, and project an openness and acceptance with all popular ideas and mediums. To form opinion on things they have been told by others. To viciously attack those who do not conform to their ways. To support their opinions through practiced speech with their worldly peers, and to maintain an “Anonymous” presence, so they can attack again and again without accountability for their own actions.

How easy it must be to be a worldly Christian in secret! How uncomplicated it would be for all believers to believe the same things! Where accountability was never needed, where thoughts and ideas were formed by some religious leadership, and dictated through popular beliefs of the time!

A worldly Religious Anonymous wrote me a letter. The writer had been offended by one of my posts, and proceeded to viciously attack my ministry, my spirit and my beliefs. As all who write things on the Internet every day know, the attack was not a big deal. It was just a product of the outspoken worldly, who want their beliefs to take precedence over all others, who want their actions to control those who dare to stand above them.

But this writer did something that I had never seen done before. “Anonymous” attacked every work that I had done for the LORD God, judged me guilty of heresy, and promised to pray for us that night; and that gets me to the point of this whole discourse.

I strive daily to do the Works the LORD God would have me to do. Every spiritually Faithful Christian does the same thing as we do and tries to accomplish those things that He Wills. Our focus is always on His Way, and we try to produce great works that will survive the test of fire, and in the end, glorify Him.

What happens when a worldly religious person prays against a spiritually faithful person?

Certainly, the LORD God is not going to punish the Faithful who are doing His Works according to His Will, for angering the worldly religious. I am also certain that he is not going to change the Faithful’s beliefs to match that of the worldly Religious.

Would my Father get angry at the presumption of the prayers of condemnation by the Religious? Would my Father punish them for their attacks against His Works? Would my Father even hear their feeble prayers?

I don’t know.

But this I know for certain: When we pray to the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Holy and Powerful LORD God, it is probably wise of each of us to make sure we know what we are praying for and focused on His Will and Ways. I have a feeling deep inside my soul, that to attack the good Things that He has established with the venom filled outrage of a worldly religious, Christian pretender, will not bode well.

So, to display the love that Christ demands from me, I am not going to publish the foolish and ugly Anonymous letter. I am hoping that the writer was merely using practiced speech in an attempt to gain control, and was not seriously contemplating attacking the works of my ministry to the LORD God

I don’t know exactly how my Father would respond; however, I am confident of this:

He is very proud of me and every spiritually Faithful Christian who walks the walk of Jesus Christ every day in full view of the world. If I were advising Anonymous, I’d tell him to sit back down and quickly hide.