Leadership needed for Christ’s arrival

As we enter into these last days, it is essential that we focus on the leadership development of those people chosen by the LORD God to assume those positions. Leaders of God are not chosen by vote nor volunteer. Leaders of God are made by Him, and given the wisdom and skill necessary to complete the tasks at His Will.

Unfortunately, most congregations today are focused on developing the fellowship and finances, and fail to recognize the critical need to uphold the leaders. If we fail to help develop their
presence and practice of our leaders chosen by God, then we are going to be in trouble in the days to come, as world forces continue their move against the Christian Faithful. It is vital that we bring our Christian leaders to their full potential, able to use the wisdom that God grants them in the spiritual things, as well as the ability to protect their position among the natural things.

I wish it “were the good old days” where there was a common separation between natural life things and spiritual things. It was pretty easy back then to realize when you were crossing the line, or wallowing too much in the pleasures of the world; you could wash
yourself up, and go into the presence of your spiritual congregation of believers, and get right back on track.

When I was just a young Christian, there was a big “Jesus Movement”. The movement brought converts closer to Jesus by speaking of Rapture and the Tribulation to come. It caused many of my age group of young people to rush to Him for comfort. And it caused just about as many to rush away even quicker when days passed, and nothing happened.

In the meantime, I remember thinking hard about the techniques that Satan might use against me in end times in attempt to remove my allegiance from my Jesus. I practiced in my imagination rejecting the millions of dollars, fame, and the power that he might offer me to denounce my Christian faith. At many junctures in my life, when money and power would temptingly come my way, it was easy to reject in the name of the LORD God, because I
could recognize the wickedness behind the offers. I was thankful that I had prepared early, because that was the common way Satan used to grab people.

Times have changed though, and the End is nearing. Satan is getting his armies in order, and is increasing his attempts at snaring both the young and older Christians. But, this is important: He has changed his focus. He is going after the mature and older Christians and applying tremendous pressure to them, in hopes that if they fall, many of the younger Christians will be dragged down with them.

The technique the devil is using to tempt Christian leaders is not the promises of riches or power. He’s plucking away at
family members, removing one after another after another. He’s causing Christian leaders to be put into positions that give the appearance of evil when they hold strong to their Christian beliefs. He’s not using the techniques of promises to riches and power against them. Instead, the devil is using rejection, exclusion, ridicule, anger, mistrust, and emotional blackmail to force their giving up of their commitment to the Faithful.

Yesterday, I might have encouraged each of us to focus our complete attentions on the young Christians, to offer them protection, guidance, hope and a model for spiritual life
that they can follow in these tough times. Today, I have changed my focus; young Christians are important, and we need to do
all of those things. However, we MUST FOCUS our attention on upholding the mature, the strong, the leaders, the shakers and the movers in our Christian family. If a Christian Leader falls, they potentially can take many, many, many young Christians with them, to Satan’s great delight.

The strong Christians leaders must uphold each other, joining together in strong congregation, focused on the Word of God, and upholding the principles and patterns that He has set forth. Once the strong Christians have come together and united, the
young Christians have a better place to give more of them selves to our Christ.

Times are going to get rough in the coming days. We must stand together in allegiance to Christ, and uphold the leaders that the LORD God has placed in our presence, by helping to develop the wisdom, skill, responsibilities, and character that have been given
to them by God. Leadership development works really well in the ways of the world and it will work even better with the ways of Christ’s Leadership. We just have to focus our attention and efforts with our commitment, prayers, and moving with the precious Holy Spirit together.