A Confused Prayer

My Precious Lord Jesus Christ.

Do I pray for peace or justice? Do I remain quiet?

I stand with Israel, and always will.

Yet, my heart cries for the innocent women and children in Gaza. My strength wants to strike back at the terrorists who use them as shields.

Yet, my biggest angers are for the deliberate slayings of innocent Israelis who were murdered with assassinations and kidnappings that are wicked. The murders were deliberately targeting the innocents. They were cowards of terrorism that must be stopped.

Yet, I want you to come quickly Lord Jesus. If this is the beginning of the End, part of my heart wants your prophecies to be fulfilled quickly so I can be in your arms of comfort in my Home in Heaven and the New Earth that you have prepared for me. So I selfishly ask, HOW DO I PRAY?

I am confident that |”you’ve got this.” And I want you to know that I realize there’s not much I can do. Yet, it is breaking my heart and I don’t know how to pray.

So this is my prayer. Comfort the victims of terrorism and wickedness that have come against them. Protect yours if it is God’s will that they survive, and if not, give them quick passage to eternal life. Give strength to God’s warriors, and give me words to encourage support for the righteous acts that will strike against the evil. Make a way for your followers, a path of safety, away from the attacks that are coming their way. And let me stand proudly, as a soldier of God’s, and know that I march with the confidence that God’s will be done. And, Lord Jesus Christ…Come quickly and save us from this terrible world as soon as your Father permits! In your name, I pray. Amen.