Luke was Paul’s physician and one of his missionaries and the author of one of the four Gospels contained within the Word of God. He writes with the Greek mentality in his view points. His writings are distinct and specific in the recording of events, and he is thought of by many as a true historian of his time. Although he was not an eyewitness to the gospel events, he had access to both the actual eyewitnesses and the writings concerning the things of Jesus Christ. He expertly recorded and preserved the facts of Christ, as he laid the factual ground and gave meaning to these events. Luke stresses the perfect plan of the LORD GOD and the connection between Israel, Christ and the church. He puts special emphasis on the salvation of the faithful, and he gives special attention to women, children, the poor and the disreputable. He stresses the Holy Spirit, both in the life of Jesus and the early church. In his exact and commanding way, Luke covers the suffering and death of Jesus Christ in detailed writings, and presents God’s saving Will and Works to the “Gentiles” and “Greeks” of the world.

Luke 1

1:1-4 Introduction
1:5-38 The birth of John the Baptist foretold
1:39-45 Mary visits Elisabeth
1:46-56 The Magnificat
1:57-66 The birth of John the Baptist
1:67-80 Zechariah’s prophecy

Luke 2

2:1-7 The birth of Jesus
2:8-20 The shepherds and the angels
2:21-24 The presentation in the temple
2:25-40 Simeon and Anna give praise
2:41-52 The boy Jesus in the temple

Luke 3

3:1-20 The preaching of John the Baptist
3:21-22 John baptizes Jesus
3:23-38 The genealogy of Jesus

Luke 4

4:1-15 The temptation of Jesus
4:16-30 Jesus teaches in Nazareth
4:31-44 Jesus heals many in Capernaum

Luke 5

5:1-11 The miracle of the fishes
5:12-15 Jesus heals a leper
5:16-26 Who can forgive sins?
5:27-29 Jesus calls Levi
5:30-39 The scribes and the Pharisees question Jesus

Luke 6

6:1-11 Jesus and the Sabbath
6:12-19 Jesus chooses the twelve
6:20-26 The Beatitudes
6:27-36 Love for enemies
6:37-42 Judging others
6:43-45 A tree is known by it’s fruit
6:46-49 The house built on a rock

Luke 7

7:1-10 Jesus heals a centurion’s servant
7:11-18 Jesus raises a widow’s son
7:19-35 John the Baptist asks about Jesus
7:36-40 Jesus is anointed by a sinner
7:41-50 The parable of the creditor

Luke 8

8:1-3 Jesus ministers widely
8:4-15 The parable of the sower
8:16-18 The parable of the candle
8:19-21 Christ’s true kin
8:22-25 Christ quiets a storm
8:26-40 Christ casts out demons in Gadara
8:41-56 Christ raises Jairus’ daughter, heals a woman

Luke 9

9:1-6 The twelve are to preach and to heal
9:7-9 The death of John the Baptist
9:10-17 Christ feeds a multitude
9:18-22 Peter’s great confession
9:23-27 The terms of discipleship
9:28-36 The transfiguration
9:37-56 Lessons for the disciples
9:57-62 Tests of discipleship

Luke 10
10:1-16 Jesus sends forth the seventy
10:17-24 The return of the seventy
10:25-37 The parable of the good Samaritan
10:38-42 Martha and Mary

Luke 11

11:1-13 Jesus teaches about prayer
11:14-28 A divided house cannot stand
11:29-36 Greater than Jonah
11:37-54 Christ denounces the Pharisees

Luke 12

12:1-12 Whom to fear?
12:13-21 The parable of the rich fool
12:22-30 Care and anxiety
12:31-40 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God”
12:41-48 The unfaithful servant
12:49-59 Peace or division?

Luke 13
13:1-5 Repent or Perish
13:6-10 The parable of the barren fig tree
13:11-17 Christ heals a woman on the Sabbath
13:18-19 The parable of the mustard seed
13:20-30 The parable of the leaven
13:31-35 Christ laments over Jerusalem

Luke 14

14:1-6 Jesus heals a man with dropsy
14:7-14 Christ teaches humility
14:15-24 The parable of the great supper
14:25-35 Counting the cost

Luke 15

15:1-7 The parable of the lost sheep
15:8-10 The parable of the lost coin
15:11-32 The parable of the lost son

Luke 16

16:1-18 The parable of the dishonest steward
16:19-31 The rich man and Lazarus

Luke 17

17:1-6 Jesus teaches forgiveness
17:7-10 The servant’s duty
17:11-19 Christ heals ten lepers
17:20-37 When will the kingdom come?

Luke 18

18:1-8 When will the kingdom come? (continued)
18:9-14 The parable of the Pharisee and the publican
18:15-17 Jesus receives children
18:18-30 The rich young ruler
18:31-34 Christ foretells his passion
18:35-43 Christ heals a blind man

Luke 19

19:1-10 Jesus and Zaccheus
19:11-27 The parable of the ten pounds
19:28-40 Christ enters Jerusalem
19:41-44 Christ weeps over Jerusalem
19:45-48 The cleansing of the temple

Luke 20

20:1-8 The question of Jesus’ authority
20:9-18 The parable of the wicked husbandman
20:19-26 The question of the tribute money
20:27-38 The question of the resurrection
20:39-47 The question of David’s son

Luke 21

21:1-4 The widow’s two mites
21:5-24 Signs of the end
21:25-28 The coming of the Son of man
21:29-33 The parable of the fig tree
21:34-38 Watch and pray

Luke 22

22:1-6 The plot against Jesus
22:7-23 The last supper
22:24-30 Who is great?
22:31-38 Christ foretells Peter’s denial
22:39-46 Christ prays in the garden
22:47-53 Jesus Christ is betrayed and arrested
22:54-65 Peter denies Christ
22:66-71 Christ before the council

Luke 23

23:1-12 Jesus before Pilate and Herod
23:13-25 Jesus Christ sentenced to die
23:26-49 The crucifixion
23:50-56 The burial of Jesus

Luke 24

24:1-12 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
24:13-35 On the road to Emmaus
24:36-48 Jesus Christ appears to his disciples
24:49-53 The ascension