Ezekiel, the priest, and the son of Buzi is the author of this book. He was taken captive in 597 B.C. among the 10,000 deported by Nebuchadnezzar during his second campaign against Judah. As one of three priest-prophets in the Old Testament (including Jeremiah and Zechariah), Ezekiel emphasized the concerns of the priest: the glory of the Lord, priestly duties, and both the present and future temples.

All of Ezekiel’s ministry, except for visionary glimpses of life in Jerusalem, took place in Babylon. Since he prophesied both before and after the destruction of Jerusalem during Nebucahnezzar’s third campaign (586 B.C.), his early prophecies emphasize the impending disaster; his later prophecies stress Israel’s future restoration, especially their glorious new temple.

Ezekiel 1

1:1-28 Ezekiel’s vision of God’s glory

Ezekiel 2

2:1-10 The call of Ezekiel

Ezekiel 3

3:1-15 The commission of Ezekiel
3:16-21 The responsibility of the prophet
3:22-27 The prophet made dumb

Ezekiel 4

4:1-17 Symbols of the siege: the tile and the iron pan

Ezekiel 5

5:1-17 The sign of the sharp knife, razor and balances

Ezekiel 6

6:1-7 The prophecy against the mountains of Israel
6:8-10 A remnant will escape judgment
6:11-14 The land will be made desolate

Ezekiel 7

7:1-27 The judgment upon Israel

Ezekiel 8

8:1-18 The vision of the abominations in Jerusalem

Ezekiel 9

9:1-11 Vision of the slaughter of the guilty

Ezekiel 10

10:1-22 God’s Glory departs from the temple

Ezekiel 11

11:1-12 Evil princes rebuked
11:13-25 The promise of restoration and renewal

Ezekiel 12

12:1-28 Symbols of removal into captivity

Ezekiel 13

13:1-16 False prophets condemned
13:17-23 Against the prophetesses

Ezekiel 14

14:1-11 Judgments on idolaters who consult a prophet
14:12-23 Judgments on Jerusalem

Ezekiel 15

15:1-8 Jerusalem like a useless vine

Ezekiel 16

16:1-58 Jerusalem’s unfaithfulness
16:59-63 God will remember his promises

Ezekiel 17

17:1-24 The parable of the eagles and the vine

Ezekiel 18

18:1-20 “The soul that sinneth, it shall die”
18:21-32 The way of the Lord is just

Ezekiel 19

19:1-14 Lamentation for the princes of Israel

Ezekiel 20

20:1-44 The history of rebellious Israel
20:45-49 The prophecy against the South

Ezekiel 21

21:1-27 The sword of the Lord
21:28-32 Judgment on the Ammonites

Ezekiel 22

22:1-22 The sins of Jerusalem
22:23-31 The sins of the priests, princes, and prophets

Ezekiel 23

23:1-35 The parable of the two sisters
23:36-49 The abominations of the two sisters

Ezekiel 24

24:1-14 The parable of the boiling pot
24:15-27 The death of Ezekiel’s wife

Ezekiel 25

25:1-7 The prophecy against the Ammonites
25:8-11 The prophecy against Moab
25:12-14 The prophecy against Edom
25:15-17 The prophecy against the Philistines

Ezekiel 26

26:1-21 Prophecies against Tyrus

Ezekiel 27

27:1-36 The lamentation over Tyrus

Ezekiel 28

28:1-19 The prince of Tyrus rebuked
28:20-26 The prophecy against Zidon

Ezekiel 29

29:1-16 Prophecies against Egypt
29:17-20 Nebuchadrezzar to seize Egypt
29:21 A promise to Israel

Ezekiel 30

30:1-26 The fall of Egypt

Ezekiel 31

31:1-18 Prophecies against Pharaoh

Ezekiel 32

32:1-16 A lamentation over Pharaoh
32:17-32 A lamentation over Egypt

Ezekiel 33

33:1-9 The watchman’s duty
33:10-20 God’s dealings are just
33:21-29 The news of Jerusalem’s fall
33:30-33 Ezekiel will be vindicated

Ezekiel 34

34:1-16 Prophecy against the sinful shepherds of Israel
34:17-31 The Lord’s care for his flock

Ezekiel 35

35:1-15 Prophecy against Mount Seir

Ezekiel 36

36:1-15 The future restoration of Israel
36:16-38 A new heart and a new spirit

Ezekiel 37

37:1-14 The valley of dry bones
37:15-28 Restoration of united Israel

Ezekiel 38

38:1-23 Prophecy against Gog

Ezekiel 39

39:1-29 The prophecy against Gog – slaughtered to be buried

Ezekiel 40

40:1-49 The vision of the temple

Ezekiel 41

41:1-26 The measuring of the temple

Ezekiel 42

42:1-20 The measuring of the temple (continued)

Ezekiel 43

43:1-5 The glory of the Lord fills the Temple
43:6-27 The laws of the temple

Ezekiel 44

44:1-8 The gate of the prince
44:9-31 Instructions for the priests

Ezekiel 45

45:1-6 A portion of the land to be saved for the Lord
45:7-25 The prince and the land

Ezekiel 46

46:1-18 The worship of the prince
46:19-24 The guilt offering

Ezekiel 47

47:1-12 The river flowing from the temple
47:13-23 The boundaries and divisions of the land

Ezekiel 48

48:1-35 The division of the land