The Book of Daniel was written during the lifetime of the prophet in the sixth century B.C., while the Kings Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar and Cyrus ruled Babylon. It presents a divine philosophy of history and the LORD God is represented as the Sovereign over it all. Daniel provides a prophetic framework for the “the time of the Gentiles” and is a major work of prophesy that is needed to fully understand the Book of Revelation. The “seventieth week” in Daniel 9:27 is prophesy that most evangelical and fundamental Christians are watching for expectantly, to reveal the near completion of the prophesied things that will lead to Christ’s second coming.

Daniel 1

1:1-21 The education of Belteshazzar and his friends

Daniel 2

2:1-11 Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams
2:12-25 Daniel volunteers to interpret the king’s dream
2:26-45 The dream and it’s interpretation
2:46-49 Nebuchadnezzar rewards Daniel

Daniel 3

3:1-7 Nebuchadnezzar’s golden image
3:8-30 The deliverance from the fiery furnace

Daniel 4

4:1-18 Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of a tree
4:19-37 Nebuchadnezzar’s affliction

Daniel 5

5:1-4 King Belshazzar’s feast
5:5-12 The handwriting on the wall
5:13-16 Daniel is summoned
5:17-31 Daniel interprets the writing

Daniel 6

6:1-13 The plot against Daniel
6:14-28 Daniel in the lions’ den

Daniel 7

7:1-14 Daniel’s vision of the four beasts
7:15-28 The interpretation of the vision of the four beasts

Daniel 8

8:1-9 Daniel’s vision of the ram and goat
8:10-14 The transgression of desolation
8:15-27 The vision of the ram and the goat interpreted

Daniel 9

9:1-19 Daniel’s prayer for his people
9:20-27 The vision of the seventy weeks

Daniel 10

10:1-21 Daniel’s vision by the great river

Daniel 11

11:1-45 The king of the south and the king of the north

Daniel 12

12:1-13 The time of the end