The Book of Judges covers the men with spiritual discernment, military prowess and administrative abilities that the LORD GOD raised up to guide the fortunes of Israel. These leaders were established from the death of Joshua to the days of Samuel, the last judge. Samuel is traditionally thought to have written this book. The account notes the failure of the children of Israel to maintain the high spiritual standards laid down by Moses and Joshua in their failure to conquer the land of Canaan as God had challenged them to do, to their growing disobedience and spiritual apostasy brought on by wicked immorality. God would teach His people through this period that “rest” was fully available, and provided for by Himself, but must be entered into by an obedient people.

Judges 1

1:1-7 Judah and Simeon capture Abonibezek
1:8-10 Conquests of Judah
1:11-15 Othniel conquers Debir and receives Achsah
1:16-21 The extent of conquests of Judah and Benjamin
1:22-36 Conquests of other tribes

Judges 2

2:1-5 Angel of the Lord rebukes Israel
2:6-10 The death of Joshua
2:11-15 Israel’s apostasy
2:16-23 Ministry of the judges

Judges 3

3:1-7 Nations left to test Israel
3:8-11 Othniel judges and delivers Israel
3:12-30 Ehud delivers Israel from Moab
3:31 Shamgar delivers Israel

Judges 4

4:1-16 Deborah and Barak deliver Israel
4:17-24 The death of Sisera

Judges 5

5:1-31 The song of Deborah and Barak

Judges 6

6:1-10 Midian oppresses Israel
6:11-35 The call of Gideon
6:36-40 Gideon’s signs

Judges 7

7:1-14 Gideon’s men reduced to three hundred
7:15-23 The lamps and the pitcher
7:24-25 Gideon’s victory

Judges 8

8:1-28 Gideon captures and slays Midian’s kings
8:29-32 Gideon’s children; his death
8:33-35 Israel turns from God

Judges 9

9:1-6 Abimelech made king
9:7-21 Jotham rebukes the Shechemites
9:22-49 The conspiracy of Gaal
9:50-57 Death of Abimelech

Judges 10

10:1-5 Tola and Jair judge Israel
10:6-18 Israel humiliated

Judges 11

11:1-28 Jephthah delivers Israel
11:29-31 Jephthah’s vow
11:32-40 Jephthah’s victory

Judges 12

12:1-6 Ephraimites slain by Jephthah
12:7 Jephthah’s death
12:8-15 Ibzan, Elon, and Abdon judge Israel

Judges 13

13:1-25 The birth of Samson

Judges 14

14:1-7 Samson and the women from Timnath
14:8-20 Samson feast and riddle

Judges 15

15:1-2 Samson is denied his wife
15:3-13 Samson burns the Philistines’ corn
15:14-20 Samson slays a thousand Philistines

Judges 16

16:1-3 Samson at Gaza
16:4-22 Samson and Delilah
16:23-31 The death of Samson

Judges 17

17:1-6 Micah’s images
17:7-13 Micah’s hired priest

Judges 18

18:1-31 Micah and the Danites

Judges 19

19:1-30 The Levite and his concubine

Judges 20

20:1-14 The war against the Benjamites
20:15-16 Seven hundred left-handed men chosen
20:17-23 Israel defeated in two battles
20:24-48 The defeat of the Benjamites

Judges 21

21:1-7 Mourning for Benjamin
21:8-25 Wives for the Benjaminites