Joshua was Moses’ personal aide and military commander. This Book stands at the beginning of the Jewish scriptural collection known as the Former Prophets, and is believed to be mostly written by Joshua himself. The book is considered the first of the Historical Books of the English Bible, because it traces the record of the children of Israel from the shores of the Jordan River to the conquest and division of the land of Canaan. It closes with an account of the aged Joshua’s farewell speeches. The events listed span some 40 years, from c. 1407-1367 B.C.

Joshua 1

1:1-18 Preparations for the conquest of Canaan

Joshua 2

2:1-7 Spies sent to Jericho
2:8-24 The pledge between the spies and Rahab

Joshua 3

3:1-13 Directions for crossing Jordan
3:14-17 The waters of Jordan divided

Joshua 4

4:1-18 The twelve stones taken from the Jordan
4:19-24 Camp at Gilgal

Joshua 5

5:1-11 The circumcision and passover at Gilgal
5:12 Manna ceases
5:13-15 Joshua and the man with a drawn sword

Joshua 6

6:1-27 The fall of Jericho

Joshua 7

7:1-26 The sin of Achan

Joshua 8

8:1-29 The capture and destruction of Ai
8:30-35 The law recorded at Mount Ebal

Joshua 9

9:1-15 The deceit of the Gibeonites
9:16-27 Their servantage to Israel

Joshua 10

10:1-11 The defeat of the Amorites
10:12-43 The sun stands still

Joshua 11

11:1-15 The defeat of Jabin’s alliance
11:16-23 Joshua takes the whole land

Joshua 12

12:1-6 The kings defeated by Moses
12:7-24 The kings defeated by Joshua

Joshua 13

13:1-6 The lands yet unconquered
13:7-21 Inheritances east of Jordan
13:22-33 Balaam slain

Joshua 14

14:1-5 Canaan divided by lot
14:6-15 Hebron given to Caleb

Joshua 15

15:1-12 The territory allotted by Judah
15:13-20 Caleb conquers Hebron and Debir
15:21-62 The cities of Judah
15:63 Jebusites remained in Jerusalem

Joshua 16

16:1-4 Territory of the sons of Joseph
16:5-10 Borders of Ephraim

Joshua 17

17:1-13 Territory of Manasseh
17:14-18 Sons of Joseph receive more land

Joshua 18

18:1 The tabernacle set up at Shiloh
18:2-10 The land described and divided
18:11-28 Benjamin’s territory

Joshua 19

19:1-9 Territory of the children of Simeon
19:10-16 Territory of the children of Zebulun
19:17-23 Territory of the children of Issachar
19:24-31 Territory of the children of Asher
19:32-39 Territory of the children of Naphtali
19:40-48 Territory of the children of Dan
19:49-51 Joshua’s inheritance

Joshua 20

20:1-9 Six cities of refuge appointed

Joshua 21

21:1-42 The cities of the Levites
21:43-45 Israel possesses the land

Joshua 22

22:1-9 Two and a half tribes sent home
22:10 The altar by the Jordan
22:11-34 The dispute and reconciliation

Joshua 23

23:1-16 Joshua exhorts the people

Joshua 24

24:1-25 Joshua’s farewell address
24:26-28 The stone of witness
24:29-33 Joshua’s death and burial