Genesis is the book of beginnings of all things created by the LORD GOD. It records the beginning of creation, time, life, sin, salvation and mankind, as well as the beginning of the Hebrew nation. It is the foundational book to the rest of the Bible, and it covers more time than any other book in the King James Bible. The Genesis record bears witness to the greatness, everlasting and only LORD GOD and the beginnings of His people. Genesis covers the whole plight of man, who was created in God’s image, but because of sin, became destined for the grave. Moses is believed among most of God’s people to be the author.

Genesis 1

1:1-2 The beginnings of creation
1:3-5 The creation of light and separation of darkness on the first day
1:6-8 The creation of Heavens on the second day
1:9-13 The creation of Earth, seas, herbs, and trees on the third day
1:14-19 The creation of sun, moon and stars on the fourth day
1:20-24 The evolution of life from God’s creation allowed on the fifth day
1:25 The creation of life by God from evolution pattern on sixth day
1:26-28 The creation of man by the LORD GOD in His Image on sixth day
1:29-31 The provisions of food given to God’s created life

Genesis 2

2:1-7 The establishment of holy seventh day of rest by the LORD GOD
2:8-20 The Garden of Eden
2:21-25 The making of woman Eve from Adam

Genesis 3

3:1-13 The fall of man
3:14-21 The curse
3:22-24 The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden
Genesis 4

4:1-7 Cain and Abel
4:8-9 The murder of Abel by Cain
4:10-15 The curse of Cain
4:16-26 The Descendants of Cain

Genesis 5

5:1-5 The Descendants of Adam
5:6-32 The Descendants of Seth

Genesis 6

6:1-8 Wickedness of mankind
6:9-22 Noah makes the Ark at the direction of the LORD GOD

Genesis 7

7:1-16 Noah, his family, the beasts and fowls enter the Ark
7:17-24 The flood

Genesis 8

8:1-5 The waters recede
8:6-14 The raven and the dove are sent out
8:15-19 Noah and his family leave the Ark
8:20-22 Noah sacrifices

Genesis 9

9:1-7 The Blood of Life is Sacrificed
9:8-19 God’s covenant with Noah
9:20-24 Noah’s drunkenness
9:25-29 Curse of Canaan

Genesis 10

10:1 The descendants of the sons of Noah
10:2-5 Sons of Japheth
10:6-20 Sons of Ham
10:21-32 Sons of Shem

Genesis 11

11:1-6 The building of the Tower of Babel
11:7-9 People of the world are given confusion of language
11:10-26 The descendents of Shem
11:27-30 The descendants of Terah
11:31-32 Terah moves from Ur to Haran

Genesis 12

12:1-9 The LORD GOD’s call to Abram
12:10-13 Abram Driven to Egypt by a famine
12:14-20 Abram deceives Pharaoh

Genesis 13

13:1-4 Abram returns to Canaan
13:5-9 Abram and Lot separate
13:10-13 Lot goes to the wickedness of Sodom
13:14-18 The promise to Abram renewed

Genesis 14

14:1-12 Battle of the kings
14:13-16 Abram rescues Lot
14:17-20 Melchizedek blesses Abram
14:21-24 Abram’s unselfishness

Genesis 15

15:1-6 The Lord’s promise to Abram
15:7-17 Prophecy of Israel’s bondage
15:18-21 The Lord’s covenant with Abram

Genesis 16

16:1-6 Sarai and Hagar
16:7-14 An angel speaks to Hagar
16:15-16 Ishmael is born to Hagar
Genesis 17

17:1-14 Circumcision the sign of the covenant
17:15-19 Sarai’s name changed to Sarah; Isaac is promised
17:20-27 Ishmael to be a nation

Genesis 18

18:1-8 Three angels visit Abraham
18:9-15 Sarah promised a son
18:16-21 The doom of Sodom
18:22-33 Abraham intercedes for Sodom

Genesis 19

19:1-3 Two angels visit Lot
19:4-14 The wickedness of the men of Sodom
19:15-23 Lot delivered from Sodom’s destruction
19:24-29 Cities of the plain destroyed
19:30-38 Birth of Moab and Ben-ammi
Genesis 20

20:1-18 Abraham and Abimelech

Genesis 21

21:1-8 The birth of Isaac
21:9-21 Hagar and Ishmael sent away
21:22-34 The covenant at Beer-sheba

Genesis 22

22:1-14 Abraham commanded to offer Isaac
22:15-19 The Abrahamic covenant
22:20-24 Abraham’s relatives

Genesis 23

1-20 Death and burial of Sarah

Genesis 24

24:1-49 Rebekah chosen as a wife for Isaac
24:50-61 Laban and Bethuel give their approval
24:62-67 Isaac meets Rebekah
Genesis 25

25:1-6 Abraham’s sons by Keturah
25:7-11 Death and burial of Abraham
25:12-18 Descendants of Ishmael
25:19-28 Birth of Esau and Jacob
25:29-34 Esau sells his birthright
Genesis 26

26:1-5 God’s covenant with Isaac confirmed
26:6-16 Dispute with Abimelech
26:17-25 Dispute about wells
26:26-33 Covenant between Isaac and Abimelech
26:34-35 The wives of Esau

Genesis 27

27:1-29 Isaac’s blessing to Jacob
27:30-40 Disappointment and enmity of Esau
27:41-46 Jacob flees from Esau
Genesis 28

28:1-9 Jacob sent to Padanaram
28:10-15 God appears to Jacob at Bethel
28:16-22 Jacob’s vow

Genesis 29

29:1-14 Jacob meets Rachel
29:15-20 Jacob serves Laban for Rachel
29:21-27 Jacob marries Leah instead
29:28-30 Jacob marries Rachel also
29:31-35 Leah’s children

Genesis 30

30:1-4 Rachel gives Bilhah to Jacob
30:5-21 Jacob’s children
30:22-24 Rachel gives birth to Joseph
30:25-36 Trickery of Laban and Jacob
30:37-43 Jacob’s increasing prosperity

Genesis 31

31:1-16 Jacob leaves Laban
31:17-21 Flight of Jacob
31:22-42 Laban overtakes Jacob
31:43-55 The covenant between Jacob and Laban

Genesis 32

32:1-23 Jacob prepares to meet Esau
32:24-32 Jacob wrestles with an angel

Genesis 33

33: 1-20 Jacob and Esau reconciled

Genesis 34

34:1-31 Dinah’s defilement avenged

Genesis 35

35:1-15 God blesses Jacob at Bethel
35:16-26 Rachel gives birth to Benjamin and dies
35:27-29 The death of Isaac

Genesis 36

36:1-30 The descendants of Esau
36:31-43 The kings of Edom

Genesis 37

37:1-11 Joseph’s dreams
37:12-25 The plot against Joseph
37:26-36 Joseph sold to Ishmaelites
Genesis 38

38:1-12 Sons of Judah
38:13-26 Tamar deceives Judah
38:27-30 The birth of twins

Genesis 39

39:1-6 Joseph’s advancement
39:7-19 Joseph and Potiphar’s wife
39:20-23 Joseph is cast into prison

Genesis 40

40:1-4 Joseph is cast into prison (continued)
40:5-19 Joseph interprets dreams
40:20-23 Joseph’s word comes to pass
Genesis 41

41:1-13 Pharaoh’s dreams
41:14-36 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams
41:37-53 Joseph made ruler over Egypt
41:54-57 The famine

Genesis 42

42:1-15 Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt for corn
42:16-17 Brothers imprisoned as spies
42:18-23 Joseph’s treatment of his brothers
42:24-38 Simeon kept for a pledge
Genesis 43

43:1-30 Joseph’s brothers return with Benjamin
43:31-34 Joseph gives a feast for his brothers

Genesis 44

44:1-13 Joseph gives a final test to his brothers
44:14-34 Judah’s plea for Benjamin

Genesis 45

45:1-8 Joseph makes himself known
45:9-20 Joseph sends for Jacob
45:21-28 Joseph provides for their journey

Genesis 46

46:1-7 Jacob moves to Egypt
46:8-28 Jacob journeys with his family
46:29-34 Joseph meets his father

Genesis 47

47:1-10 Jacob presented to Pharaoh
47:11-12 Joseph provides for his father and his brothers
47:13-31 Joseph’s administration in Egypt

Genesis 48

48:1-7 Joseph visits Jacob
48:8-22 Israel blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 49

49:1-33 Israel’s prophecy concerning his sons

Genesis 50

50:1-13 Burial of Jacob
50:14-26 Joseph comforts his brothers