The Book of Esther is about the marriage of its Jewish heroine with a Gentile King. The account is set in Shushan, the winter capital of Persia, not Israel. The book never mentions the word God or His Name, however, His sovereignty and providence are evident throughout. The origins of the Feast of Purim (2 Maccabees 15:36) when Jews celebrate the deliverance from Haman are revealed in this account. Many ancient commentators attribute the author of the book as Mordecai. Some have even suggested that Ezra or Nehemiah wrote the account, however there is no evidence to support this. Most scholars generally agree that the author is anonymous.

Esther 1

1:1-9 Ahasuerus makes a royal feast
1:10-12 Vashti refuses to obey the king
1:13-22 Queen Vashti’s punishment

Esther 2

2:1-18 Esther made queen
2:19-23 Mordecai saves the king’s life

Esther 3

3:1-15 Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews

Esther 4

4:1-14 Fasting among the Jews
4:15-17 Esther promises to intercede for her people

Esther 5

5:1-8 The courage of Esther
5:9-14 Haman boasts of his advancement

Esther 6

6:1-3 The king reminded of Mordecai’s service
6:4-14 Haman forced to honor Mordecai

Esther 7

7:1-6 Esther’s banquet and plea
7:7-10 The king orders Haman to be hanged

Esther 8

8:1-2 Mordecai advanced and honored
8:3-8 Esther’s plea to reverse Haman’s letters
8:9-17 The Jews authorized to resist

Esther 9

9:1-19 The Jews destroy their enemies
9:20-32 The feast of Purim instituted

Esther 10

10:1-3 Mordecai’s greatness