Titus was one of the circle of young men who were the many “witnesses “who the apostle Paul committed the things given to him to pass them on to to others. Together with Timothy, Titus traveled with Paul. Titus was a Gentile, while Timothy was half Jewish and half Gentile. The authorship of this epistle was written by Paul.

Titus 1

1:1-4 Greeting
1:5-9 Qualifications of elders or bishops
1:10-16 Warning against false teachers

Titus 2

2:1-10 Domestic regulations
2:11-15 The Christian life

Titus 3

3:1-2 Christian citizenship
3:3-8 The basis of the Christian ethic
3:9-11 The discipline of factious men
3:12-15 Personal plans and greetings