2 Timothy

Paul wrote this letter to Timothy while he was imprisoned in a Roman dungeon cell at the Mamertine Prison, a place from which he knew he would never be set free. His only contact with the outside world was a hole, about 18 inches square, in the ceiling of his cell. Through that opening passed everything that came to and from the apostle, including his second letter to Timothy in A.D. 67. He was beheaded in Rome in May or June of A.D. 68.

In 2 Timothy we have the last known words to be written by Paul, and it was written with purpose and commitment to his dear Timothy. He exhorted Timothy in his ministry at Ephesus, warned him of the trouble both inside and outside the church, requested that he come to Rome to visit him in prison, and provided instruction to all of the churches in Timothy’s territory. His focus was encouraging his beloved Timothy to continue in the good works of the LORD God in faith and perseverance as his own last days on this earth were drawing near.

2 Timothy 1

1:1-2 Personal greeting
1:3-5 Thanksgiving for Timothy
1:6-18 Exhortation to endurance

2 Timothy 2

2:1-13 A good soldier of Jesus Christ
2:14-26 Advice on personal conduct and relationships

2 Timothy 3

3:1-9 The coming apostasy
3:10-13 The example of Paul
3:14-17 Steadfastness in the Scriptures

2 Timothy 4

4:1-5 The charge to preach
4:6-8 Paul’s last testament
4:9-18 Personal circumstances and conclusion
4:19-22 Final greetings