The prophecy of Zephaniah was used in the providence of God to prepare Judah for the reforms and revival under King Josiah. Through the prophecy the nation of the prophet’s day was faced with it’s sin, reminded of coming judgment, and instructed concerning the ultimate glory that will one day come to Israel. Zephaniah sets what forth the day of the Lord will mean to ungodly Judah, to the world powers and to the godly remnant. His theme is the day of the Lord, which will destroy the false remnant of Baal, destroy the God-rejecting nations and purify the true remnant belonging to Him.

Zephaniah 1

1:1-18 The day of the Lord’s wrath

Zephaniah 2

2:1-15 The scope of divine judgment

Zephaniah 3

3:1-8 Jerusalem’s sin and redemption
3:9-20 Ultimate supremacy of Israel