Zechariah is a messianic prophet with frequent mention of both the first and second advents of Messiah. He dwells completely on the person and work of Christ, and his prophecies contain apocalyptic proclamations as well giving prominence to the Angel of the Lord. The tone of his prophecy is one of encouragement, and focuses the attention of God’s people to His Glory.

Zechariah 1

1:1-6 A call to return to the Lord
1:7-17 The vision of the horses
1:18-21 The horns and the carpenters

Zechariah 2

2:1-13 The man with the measuring line

Zechariah 3

3:1-10 Joshua vindicated

Zechariah 4

4:1-14 The candlestick and the olive trees

Zechariah 5

5:1-4 The flying roll
5:5-11 The woman in the ephah

Zechariah 6

6:1-8 The four chariots
6:9-15 Joshua – a symbol of the priest-king

Zechariah 7

7:1-7 Insincere fasts reproved
7:8-14 Disobedience the cause of captivity

Zechariah 8

8:1-23 The restoration of Jerusalem promised

Zechariah 9

9:1-8 The judgment on the neighboring nations
9:9-17 Zion’s future king

Zechariah 10

10:1-12 The Lord’s redemption of his people

Zechariah 11

11:1-3 The Lord’s redemption of his people (continued)
11:4-17 The foolish shepherds

Zechariah 12

12:1-14 The future deliverance of Jerusalem

Zechariah 13

13:1-6 The cleansing of Jerusalem
13:7-9 Smiting of the Lord’s shepherd

Zechariah 14

14:1-21 Jerusalem and the nations


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