Romans has been called “The Constitution of Christianity,” “The Christian Manifesto,” and “The Cathedral of the Christian Faith.” It is known as the most complete collection of Christian doctrine. The Epistle of Romans was written by Paul during his third missionary journey to Corinth. Paul was intending on making a fourth missionary journey to the western extremity of the Roman Empire. He wanted the Roman church to assist him with making that journey and wrote this epistle to establish contact with the Roman church in preparation for the anticipated visit. The church at Rome was primarily made up of Gentiles and had very little central organization or local church government. Small groups of believers met all over the city, and this is the reason that Paul addressed his epistle to the “saints” rather than to the “church”.

Romans 1

1:1-7 Greetings
1:8-15 Paul’s affection for the Roman Christians
1:16 The power of the gospel
1:17-32 The guilt of mankind

Romans 2

2:1-9 To judge others is to condemn self
2:10-16 God is no respecter of persons
2:17-29 The Jew and the law

Romans 3

3:1-8 What advantage has the Jew?
3:9-20 There is none righteous
3:21-31 Righteousness through faith

Romans 4

4:1-12 Abraham’s justification
4:13-25 The promise realized through faith

Romans 5

5:1-11 Results of justification
5:12-21 Sin through Adam-Salvation through Christ

Romans 6

6:1-13 Freedom from sin’s power
6:14-23 Christians are under grace, the Spirit’s law

Romans 7

7:1-6 The law and sin
7:7-12 The problem of indwelling sin
7:13-25 The struggle of two natures

Romans 8

8:1-27 Life in the Spirit
8:28-39 More than conquerors

Romans 9

9:1-33 The Jew and the Gospel

Romans 10

10:1-5 Zeal but no righteousness
10:6-21 Righteousness is by faith in Christ

Romans 11

11:1-10 The remnant of Israel
11:11-12 Salvation is come to the Gentiles
11:13-24 The Gentiles are warned
11:25-33 The restoration of Israel
11:34-36 The almighty God

Romans 12

12:1-2 Living sacrifices to God
12:3-21 The service of love to all

Romans 13

13:1-7 Honor authority
13:8-14 Walk in love

Romans 14

14:1-8 Let every man be fully persuaded in his mind
14:9-23 Christ is the only Judge

Romans 15

15:1-6 Unity in Christ
15:7-13 The Gospel to the Gentiles
15:14-21 Paul speaks of his ministry
15:22-33 Paul hopes to visit Rome

Romans 16

16:1-24 Personal greetings
16:25-27 Concluding doxology