Matthew is one of four Gospels that records the life of Jesus Christ. His emphasis on the Old Testament preparation for the Gospel makes it an ideal “bridge” from the Old to the New Testament. Matthew, the Hebrew tax collector, writes for the Hebrew mind. He presents a portrait of Jesus with his own characteristic focus, that gives comparison to the other three books, Mark, Luke and John, that form the Gospel of the Word of God. Although the book of Matthew is anonymous, most Faithful and tradition believe that Matthew, the disciple of Jesus, is the author. Matthew presents the Good News of our Redeemer and Savior, as well as the arrival of the Messiah of Israel, the Son of God and the Savior of the world. It was written so readers would come to believe in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life according to the perfect plan of the Will and Grace of the LORD God.

Matthew 1

1:1-17 The genealogy of Jesus Christ
1:18-25 The angel appears to Joseph

Matthew 2

2:1-12 The visit of the wise men
2:13-23 The flight into Egypt

Matthew 3

3:1-12 The preaching of John the Baptist
3:13-17 The baptism of Jesus

Matthew 4

4:1-11 The temptation of Jesus
4:12-17 Jesus begins his ministry
4:18-22 Jesus calls four fisherman
4:23-25 The fame of Jesus spreads

Matthew 5

5:1-12 The Sermon on the Mount : The Beatitudes
5:13 The salt of the earth
5:14-16 The light of the world
5:17-20 Christ on the law
5:21-26 Jesus and anger
5:27-30 Jesus’ teaching on adultery
5:31-32 On divorce
5:33-37 On oaths
5:38-48 Love for enemies

Matthew 6

6:1-4 Jesus’ teaching on almsgiving
6:5-15 Jesus’ teaching on prayer
6:16-18 Jesus’ teaching on fasting
6:19-21 Treasures in heaven
6:22-23 The light of the body
6:24-34 Trusting one master

Matthew 7

7:1-11 Judge not
7:12 The golden rule
7:13-14 The strait gate
7:15-20 False prophets
7:21-23 I never knew you
7:24-29 The two foundations

Matthew 8

8:1-4 Jesus heals a leper
8:5-13 A centurion’s servant healed
8:14-17 Peter’s mother-in-law healed
8:18-22 Some tests of discipleship
8:23-27 Jesus quiets a storm
8:28-34 The Gergesene demoniacs
Matthew 9

9:1-8 Jesus heals a paralyzed man
9:9-13 Jesus calls Matthew
9:14-17 The question about fasting
9:18-19 The ruler’s daughter
9:20-26 The woman touching his garment
9:27-31 Two blind men receive sight
9:32-35 A dumb man speaks
9:36-38 Few laborers for the task

Matthew 10

10:1-4 Jesus chooses the twelve
10:5-15 The mission of the twelve
10:16-23 Warning of persecutions
10:24-33 More instructions for the disciples
10:34-39 Not peace, but a sword
10:40-42 Rewards

Matthew 11

11:1-19 John the Baptist asks about Jesus
11:20-24 Jesus foretells judgment
11:25-27 Who is wise?
11:28-30 The great invitation

Matthew 12

12:1-8 Jesus on the Sabbath
12:9-14 The man with the withered hand
12:15-21 The chosen servant
12:22-32 A house divided cannot stand
12:33-37 Good and corrupt fruit
12:38-45 The sign of Jonah
12:46-50 Jesus ‘ true kin

Matthew 13

13:1-9 The parable of the sower
13:10-17 Jesus explains the purpose of the parables
13:18-23 Jesus explains the parable of the sower
13:24-30 The parable of the wheat and the tares
13:31-32 The parable of the mustard seed
13:33 The parable of the leaven
13:34-35 Jesus’ use of parables
13:36-43 The parable of the wheat and tares explained
13:44 The parable of the hidden treasure
13:45-46 The parable of the pearl of great price
13:47-50 The parable of the net
13:51-52 Treasures new and old
13:53-58 Christ rejected at Nazareth
Matthew 14

14:1-14 John the Baptist beheaded
14:15-21 Christ feeds five thousand
14:22-33 Christ walks on the water
14:34-36 The sick in Gennesaret

Matthew 15

15:1-20 The things that defile
15:21-28 The Canaanite woman’s faith
15:29-31 Many people are healed
15:32-39 Christ feeds four thousand

Matthew 16

16:1-20 The leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees
16:21-28 Christ foretells his passion

Matthew 17

17:1-13 The transfiguration
17:14-23 The disciples’ unbelief
17:24-27 The question of the tribute money

Matthew 18

18:1-5 Jesus explains greatness
18:6-10 Temptations to sin
18:11-20 The lost sheep
18:21-35 Christ speaks of forgiveness

Matthew 19

19:1-12 Christ on divorce
19:13-15 Christ and children
19:16-30 The rich young ruler

Matthew 20

20:1-16 Workers in the vineyard
20:17-19 Jesus again foretells his passion
20:20-29 A mother asks greatness for her sons
20:30-34 Christ heals two blind men

Matthew 21

21:1-11 The triumphal entry into Jerusalem
21:12-16 The cleansing of the temple
21:17-22 The cursing of the fig tree
21:23-27 Christ establishes his authority
21:28-32 The parable of the two sons
21:33-46 The wicked husbandmen

Matthew 22

22:1-14 The parable of the marriage feast
22:15-22 God and Caesar
22:23-33 The question about the resurrection
22:34-40 The great commandment
22:41-46 The question about David’s son

Matthew 23

23:1-36 Jesus denounces the scribes and the Pharisees
23:37-39 Christ mourns over Jerusalem

Matthew 24

24:1-28 The destruction of temple and signs before end
24:29-31 The coming of the son of man
24:32-35 The parable of the fig tree
24:36-44 No man knows the day
24:45-51 The unfaithful servant

Matthew 25

25:1-13 The parable of the ten virgins
25:14-46 The parable of the talents

Matthew 26

26:1-5 The plot to kill Christ
26:6-13 Christ anointed at Bethany
26:14-16 Judas Iscariot betrays Christ
26:17-30 The last supper
26:31-35 The denial of Peter foretold
26:36-46 Christ in the garden of Gethsemane
26:47-56 The betrayal and arrest of Jesus
26:57-68 Christ before the high priest
26:69-75 Peter denies Christ

Matthew 27

27:1-2 The chief priests take Jesus to Pilate
27:3-10 Judas kills himself
27:11-14 Christ stands before Pilate
27:15-21 Barabbas’ release
27:22-31 Jesus sentenced to be crucified
27:32-56 The crucifixion
27:57-61 The burial of Jesus
27:62-66 Sepulcher made sure

Matthew 28

28:1-10 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
28:11-15 Tomb guards bribed
28:16-17 Eleven disciples witness Resurrected Christ
28:18-20 Christ commissions His disciples