Jonah was a prophet whose message was fulfilled during the reign of Jeroboam II, who reigned from 793 to 752 B.C. The prophecy was given when Assyria was becoming a great world power and imminent threat to Israel. The purpose of Jonah’s prophecy is to show the sovereignty of God at work in the life of an individual, and his concern for a heathen nation. Jonah’s struggles and mistakes made in carrying the message to an unbelieving people, exemplifies the commitment necessary to truly walk the walk of Christ as a person belonging to the LORD GOD as He leads His Words and Way to be spread where He Wills.

Jonah 1

1:1-2 Jonah commissioned
1:3 Jonah flees from God
1:4-17 The storm at sea and swallowed by the great fish

Jonah 2

2:1-10 Jonah’s prayer and God’s answer

Jonah 3

3:1-4 Jonah’s second commission
3:5-10 Nineveh repents

Jonah 4

4:1-3 Jonah’s displeasure
4:4-11 God’s lesson to Jonah