John, the son of Zebedee, and one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ is thought to have been the author of this book. His gospel is different by nature from the other three. It is an interpretation of the facts of Jesus’ life rather than a presentation of its facts in historical sequence. His purpose in writing is unique, as is his interpretation of the life of Jesus. He emphasizes the deity of Jesus, as well as focuses on the words “signs” (miracles), “believe”, and “life”. John’s gospel is evangelistic and written so others might believe. He also writes for the believers that they may be sanctified, as he speaks of the promise of the Holy Spirit, the truth that Jesus is the True Vine, and Simon Peter’s denial and restoration. Most think this was the last gospel to be written, perhaps while the “beloved disciple” of Jesus Christ was at Ephesus about A.D. 85.

John 1

1:1-5 The Word
1:6-18 The true light
1:19-34 The testimony of John the Baptist
1:35-51 The first disciples

John 2

2:1-12 The miracle at Cana
2:13-25 Christ cleanses the temple

John 3

3:1-21 The new birth
3:22-36 John the Baptist testifies of Christ

John 4

4:1-23 The Samaritan women at the well
4:24-42 “God is a Spirit”
4:43-54 Christ heals a nobleman’s son

John 5

5:1-16 The pool of Bethesda
5:17-38 The Son’s relationship with the Father
5:39-47 “Search the scriptures”

John 6

6:1-14 Jesus feeds five thousand
6:15-21 Christ walks on the water
6:22-30 Teaching in Capernaum
6:31-65 “I am the bread of life”
6:66-71 Peter’s confession

John 7

7:1-53 Christ causes division

John 8

8:1-11 Jesus forgives an adulteress
8:12-30 “I am the light of the world”
8:31-47 Abraham’s true descendants
8:48-59 “Before Abraham was, I am”

John 9

9:1-41 Jesus heals one blind from birth
John 1010:1-21 “I am the good shepherd”
10:22-42 “I and my Father are one”

John 11

11:1-16 Jesus raises Lazarus
11:17-46 “I am the resurrection, and the life”
11:47-57 The Pharisees fear Christ

John 12

12:1-11 Mary anoints Jesus
12:12-19 Christ enters Jerusalem
12:20-50 We would see Jesus

John 13

13:1-20 Jesus washes his disciples’ feet
13:21-30 Christ foretells his betrayal
13:31-35 The new commandment
13:36-38 Peter’s denial foretold

John 14

14:1-14 Jesus the way to the Father
14:15-31 The promise of the Holy Spirit

John 15

15:1-17 The vine and the branches
15:18-27 The hatred of the world

John 16

16:1-3 Jesus warns of persecution
16:4-15 Jesus speaks of leaving and coming Comforter
16:16-24 Sorrow to turn into joy
16:25-33 “I have overcome the world”

John 17

17:1-26 Jesus prays for his own

John 18

18:1-14 The betrayal and arrest of Jesus
18:15-18 Peter denies Christ
18:19-27 Christ before the high priest
18:28-37 Christ before Pilate
18:38-40 Christ sentenced to die

John 19

19:1-15 Crucify him!
19:16-30 The crucifixion
19:31-37 Jesus’ side pierced
19:38-42 The burial of Jesus Christ

John 20

20:1-10 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

20:11-18 Christ appears to Mary Magdalene
20:19-23 Christ appears to his disciples
20:24-31 The unbelief of Thomas

John 21

21:1-14 Jesus appears to seven disciples
21:15-19 “Feed my sheep”
21:20-25 The beloved disciples