Joel, the son of Pethuel, was one of the earliest prophets of Judah, the southern kingdom. He was a contemporary of both Hosea and Amos, ministers of the northern kingdom. His frequent calls to blow trumpet in Zion, to consecrate a fast, to proclaim a solemn assembly, and to gather the people together to come before the Lord lend credence to the view that the prophecy was issued from the temple court. Two great events are compared in the course of Joel’s prophecy: (1) the locust plague upon Judah in the days of the prophet, and (2) the far greater coming day of the Lord. The latter is patterned in the figure of the former.

Joel 1

1:1-12 The locust plague in Judah
1:13-20 Joel’s warning and intercession

Joel 2

2:1-17 Call to repentance and fasting
2:18-27 God’s response and promise
2:28-32 The outpouring of God’s spirit

Joel 3

3:1-21 Judgment on the nations