Jeremiah was the chief author of the book that bears his name. He was the son of Hilkiah, a priest in the line of Abiathar, who lived at Anathoth. Because he was raised in a Levitical tribe, Jeremiah learned a high regard for the law of the Lord and the importance of the temple and priesthood.

Jeremiah prophesied during the reigns of Judah’s last kings. His prophetic ministry was during the days of Josiah (640-609 B.C.) until Jerusalem’s fall in the reign of Zedekiah (598-586 B.C.). The prophet of the LORD GOD was a deeply spiritual man, and was completely dedicated to Him. In spite of his timid nature, he was able to overcome his shyness by his fervent love for God. Although Jeremiah’s message was one of inevitable judgment upon Judah, he also delivered news of great consolation. He spoke of God dealing again with a repentant people in a new covenant through which the promised blessings would be realized. His prophecy extended deeply into times to come, when the great final gathering of God’s people to Himself for the Messiah’s everlasting reign.

Jeremiah 1

1:1-3 Introduction
1:4-19 Jeremiah called

Jeremiah 2
2:1-8 Jeremiah’s message to sinful Israel

2:9-37 Israel’s sufferings the result of sin
Jeremiah 3

3:1-5 Judah turns from the Lord
3:6-19 Israel and Judah entreated to repent
3:20-25 A confession of sin

Jeremiah 4

4:1-4 God called Israel by his promise
4:5-18 Judah threatened with judgment
4:19-31 Jeremiah laments over Judah

Jeremiah 5

5:1-6 Perverseness
5:7-9 Adultery
5:10-17 Impiety
5:18-31 Spiritual and civil corruption

Jeremiah 6

6:1-30 The destruction of Judah

Jeremiah 7

7:1-20 Jeremiah calls for repentance

7:21-34 The punishment for Judah’s rebellion

Jeremiah 8

8:1-22 Jeremiah mourns the desperate state of the Jews

Jeremiah 9

9:1-16 Disobedience brings God’s judgment
9:17-22 An appeal for trust in God
9:23-26 Knowledge of God is man’s glory

Jeremiah 10

10:1-16 God and the idols
10:17-25 Exhortation to flee the coming judgment

Jeremiah 11

11:1-17 The broken covenant
11:18-23 The plot against Jeremiah

Jeremiah 12

12:1-17 Jeremiah’s complaint and God’s answer

Jeremiah 13

13:1-11 The lesson from the marred girdle
13:12-27 The lesson from the filled bottles

Jeremiah 14

14:1-22 The message of the famine

Jeremiah 15

15:1-9 The Lord’s unyielding anger with Judah
15:10-14 Promise and threat
15:15-18 Jeremiah’s personal lament
15:19-21 The Lord’s assurance to Jeremiah

Jeremiah 16

16:1-21 Signs of the coming captivity

Jeremiah 17

17:1-6 The sin of Judah
17:7-18 The blessedness of trusting the Lord
17:19-27 The Sabbath must be kept

Jeremiah 18

18:1-17 The lesson from the potter
18:18-23 A plot and a prayer

Jeremiah 19

19:1-15 The lesson from the broken pottery

Jeremiah 20

20:1-6 Jeremiah imprisoned
20:7-18 Jeremiah’s lament

Jeremiah 21

21:1-10 The destruction of Jerusalem foretold
21:11-14 Denunciation of Jerusalem

Jeremiah 22

22:1-30 Prophecies against the kings of Judah

Jeremiah 23

23:1-8 The return of the remnant
23:9-40 False prophets

Jeremiah 24

24:1-10 The lesson from the good and bad figs

Jeremiah 25

25:1-14 Seventy years of desolation
25:15-38 The cup of wrath for all nations

Jeremiah 26

26:1-24 Jeremiah threatened with death

Jeremiah 27

27:1-7 The lesson of the yokes
27:8-22 Exhortation against false prophets

Jeremiah 28

28:1-9 The false prophecy of Hananiah
28:10-14 Hananiah breaks Jeremiah’s yoke
28:15-17 Jeremiah predicts Hananiah’s death

Jeremiah 29

29:1-9 Jeremiah’s letter to the captives
29:10-19 The promise of return
29:20-32 The fearful end of two lying prophets

Jeremiah 30

30:1-24 The promised return of the captives

Jeremiah 31

31:1-17 Restoration of Israel
31:18-22 Rachel’s mourning is comforted
31:23-30 Judah also to be restored
31:31-40 The new covenant

Jeremiah 32

32:1-15 Jeremiah buys a field at Anathoth
32:16-27 Jeremiah’s prayer
32:28-44 Jerusalem will be destroyed and restored

Jeremiah 33

33:1-9 A glorious return promised to the captives
33:10-13 Judah will be revived
33:14-16 A descendant of David will be king
33:17-26 The priesthood will continue

Jeremiah 34

34:1-7 Jeremiah’s warning to Zedekiah
34:8-22 The broken covenant concerning servants

Jeremiah 35

35:1-19 The obedience of the Rechabites

Jeremiah 36

36:1-10 Jeremiah’s scroll read by Baruch
36:11-32 The burning of the scroll

Jeremiah 37

37:1-15 Jeremiah imprisoned
37:16-21 Transferred to the court of the guard

Jeremiah 38

38:1-6 Jeremiah put in a dungeon
38:7-13 Jeremiah rescued from the dungeon
38:14-28 Zedekiah seeks advice from Jeremiah

Jeremiah 39

39:1-10 The fall of Jerusalem
39:11-14 Nebuchadnezzar’s care for Jeremiah
39:15-18 God’s promise of deliverance to Ebedmelech

Jeremiah 40

40:1-12 Jeremiah lives with Gedaliah
40:13-16 Ishmael’s conspiracy

Jeremiah 41

41:1-10 Ishmael murders Gedaliah
41:11-18 Johanan recovers the captives

Jeremiah 42

42:1-6 Jeremiah counsels Johanan
42:7-22 Johanan assured of safety and destruction

Jeremiah 43

43:1-7 The migration to Egypt
43:8-13 Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Egypt

Jeremiah 44

44:1-30 Jeremiah prophesies to the Jews in Egypt

Jeremiah 45

45:1-5 Jeremiah’s message to Baruch

Jeremiah 46

46:1-26 Prophecies concerning Egypt
46:27-28 Jeremiah comforts the Jews

Jeremiah 47

47:1-7 Prophecy against the Philistines

Jeremiah 48

48:1-47 Prophecy concerning Moab

Jeremiah 49

49:1-6 Prophecy concerning the Ammonites
49:7-22 Prophecy concerning Edom
49:23-27 Prophecy concerning Damascus
49:28-33 Prophecy concerning Kedar and Hazor
49:34-39 Prophecy concerning Elam

Jeremiah 50

50:1-46 Prophecy concerning Babylon

Jeremiah 51

51:1-64 The Lord’s judgment on Babylon

Jeremiah 52

52:1-3 The reign of Zedekiah
52:4-11 The fall of Jerusalem
52:12-30 The captivity of Judah
52:31-34 Jehoiachin released in Babylon