Isaiah was one of the most prominent citizens of Jerusalem, having access to both the royal and priestly leadership of the nation of Judah. His long life spanned the rule of several kings. Born during the reign of Uzziah, Isaiah was called to his prophetic ministry in the year of the king’s death (740 B.C.). Uzziah was succeeded by Jotham (752-736 B.C.). He was followed by Ahaz (736-720 B.C. and finally by Hezekiah (729-699 B.C.).

With the accession of Hezekiah to the throne, a new day dawned for Judah. Pursuing a policy of reforms, the new king repaired and cleansed the temple and returned to emphasizing the Mosaic Law in determining national ethics. Isaiah became a prime figure during these years as chief advisor to King Hezekiah, as he continued to communicate his faithful and true prophesy spoken on behalf of the LORD God.

Isaiah 1

1:1-9 Judah, a sinful nation
1:10-31 A call to repentance

Isaiah 2

2:1-4 The day of the Lord
2:5-22 Judgment on the proud

Isaiah 3

3:1-15 Judgment on Judah
3:16-26 Judgment on the daughters of Zion

Isaiah 4

4:1 Judgment on the daughters of Zion (continued)
4:2-6 Jerusalem’s glorious future

Isaiah 5

5:1-7 The parable of the vineyard
5:8-30 Woes pronounced on the faithless

Isaiah 6

6:1-13 Isaiah’s vision and commission

Isaiah 7

7:1-9 Isaiah’s message to Ahaz
7:10-25 The coming Assyrian invasion

Isaiah 8

8:1-22 Deliverance foreshadowed

Isaiah 9

9:1-7 The birth of the Prince of Peace
9:8-21 The Lord’s anger against Israel

Isaiah 10

10:1-4 The Lord’s anger against Israel (continued)
10:5-19 Assyria shall be broken
10:20-23 A remnant to be saved
10:24-34 A promise of deliverance

Isaiah 11

11:1-16 The righteous reign of the branch of Jesse

Isaiah 12

12:1-6 Thanksgiving for God’s mercies

Isaiah 13

13:1-5 The doom of Babylon predicted
13:6-22 The Medes to destroy Babylon

Isaiah 14

14:1-2 Israel to be preserved
14:3-23 The proverb against the king of Babylon
14:24-28 Assyria will be destroyed
14:29-32 The warning to Palestina

Isaiah 15

15:1-9 The oracle concerning Moab

Isaiah 16

16:1-14 Prophecy of Moab’s ruin

Isaiah 17

17:1-14 The oracle concerning Damascus

Isaiah 18

18:1-7 A prophecy concerning Ethiopia

Isaiah 19

19:1-25 The oracle concerning Egypt

Isaiah 20

20:1-6 Assyria to conquer Egypt and Ethiopia

Isaiah 21

21:1-10 The oracle concerning the desert of the sea
21:11-12 The oracle concerning Dumah
21:13-17 The oracle concerning Arabia

Isaiah 22

22:1-14 The oracle concerning the valley of vision
22:15-25 The judgment on Shebna

Isaiah 23

23:1-18 The oracle concerning Tyre

Isaiah 24

24:1-23 The judgment upon the earth

Isaiah 25

25:1-12 The song of praise by the redeemed

Isaiah 26

26:1-21 A hymn of praise

Isaiah 27

27:1-13 The assurance of Israel’s deliverance

Isaiah 28

28:1-13 Condemnation of Ephraim
28:14-29 Jerusalem warned

Isaiah 29

29:1-8 Ariel and her enemies
29:9-16 The blindness of Israel
29:17-24 The redemption of Israel

Isaiah 30

30:1-14 The futility of relying on Egypt
30:15-26 An appeal to turn to the Lord for help
30:27-33 The destruction of Assyria foretold

Isaiah 31

31:1-9 God, not Egypt, will defend Judah

Isaiah 32

32:1-8 The coming reign of the righteous king
32:9-20 Women of Jerusalem warned

Isaiah 33

33:1-24 Salvation for those who trust in God

Isaiah 34

34:1-17 The Lord’s wrath upon the nations

Isaiah 35

35:1-10 Israel restored to Zion

Isaiah 36

36:1-22 Sennacherib invades Judah

Isaiah 37

37:1-4 Hezekiah asks Isaiah to pray
37:5-38 Judah delivered from Sennacherib

Isaiah 38

38:1-22 Hezekiah’s sickness and healing

Isaiah 39

39:1-8 The Babylonian captivity foretold

Isaiah 40

40:1-11 Comfort through trust in the Lord
40:12-31 The majesty of the Lord

Isaiah 41

41:1-20 The final restoration of Israel
41:21-29 Apart from the Lord there is no hope

Isaiah 42

42:1-4 The Lord’s servant
42:5-16 The servant comes to glorify the Lord
42:17-25 Israel’s suffering is a result of sin

Isaiah 43

43:1-28 The Lord the only redeemer

Isaiah 44

44:1-5 The spirit of God to be on Israel
44:6-20 The folly of idolatry
44:21-28 The Lord the Redeemer of Israel

Isaiah 45

45:1-7 A charge to Cyrus
45:8-13 The Lord the Creator
45:14-17 An everlasting salvation for Israel
45:18-25 Salvation will come only by the Lord

Isaiah 46

46:1-13 The power of the Lord and the weakness of idols

Isaiah 47

47:1-15 Judgment on Babylon

Isaiah 48

48:1-22 Israel’s unfaithfulness rebuked

Isaiah 49

49:1-7 Israel the Lord’s servant
49:8-26 Israel will be restored to Zion

Isaiah 50

50:1-11 The suffering of the Lord’s servant

Isaiah 51

51:1-11 The faithful are called to courage
51:12-23 The faithful are comforted

Isaiah 52

52:1-12 The Lord will deliver Zion from captivity
52:13-15 The suffering of the Lord’s servant

Isaiah 53

53:1-12 The suffering servant

Isaiah 54

54:1-17 The Lord’s everlasting love for Israel

Isaiah 55

55:1-13 A free offer of mercy to all

Isaiah 56

56:1-12 An appeal to keep God’s judgments

Isaiah 57

57:1-21 Condemnation of Israel’s idolatry

Isaiah 58

58:1-12 A description of true religion
58:13-14 The observance of the Sabbath

Isaiah 59

59:1-19 National corruption, consequent suffering
59:20-21 Deliverance will be from the Lord

Isaiah 60

60:1-22 The future glory of Zion

Isaiah 61

61:1-11 Good tidings of salvation to Zion

Isaiah 62

62:1-12 The restoration of Zion

Isaiah 63

63:1-6 The day of vengeance
63:7-19 The Lord’s favor shown to Israel

Isaiah 64

64:1-12 A prayer for help

Isaiah 65

65:1-16 The rebellious will be punished
65:17-25 New heavens and a new earth

Isaiah 66

66:1-24 Zion’s future hope