Amos pronounces judgment on Israel’s enemies, before delivering the main burden of judgment against Israel herself. His courageous and unusually stern prophesy was issued primarily at Bethel, the seat of idolatry in the northern kingdom. He attacks Satan’s stronghold, Bethel, and when he is opposed by the idolatrous priest, Amaziah, becomes even bolder in his preaching. Amos was God’s messenger to call the nation Israel to become responsible and accountable to the national sins she had committed against God.

Amos 1

1:1-2 Judgments on Israel’s neighbors
1:3-5 Damascus
1:6-8 Gaza
1:9-10 Tyrus
1:11-12 Edom
1:13-15 Ammon

Amos 2

2:1-3 Moab
2:4-5 Judah
2:6-16 Judgment on Israel

Amos 3

3:1-8 The lion roars
3:9-15 The condemnation of Samaria

Amos 4

4:1-3 The depravity of Israel
4:4-13 God’s punishments have not reformed Israel

Amos 5

5:1-27 A call to repentance

Amos 6

6:1-14 The judgment on Israel

Amos 7

7:1-3 The grasshoppers

7:4-6 The fire
7:7-9 The plumb line
7:10-17 Amos and Amaziah

Amos 8

8:1-3 The basket of summer fruit
8:4-14 The imminent judgment

Amos 9

9:1-10 The Lord’s judgments inescapable
9:11-15 The future restoration of Israel