The Acts of the Apostles in the King James Bible presents an extensive view of early church life and history. It’s focus is primarily on the acts of two apostles, Peter and Paul. It’s purpose is to show the continuation of works through the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the establishment of the church. The author is the same as the author of Luke, with the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts forming a single, two-volume work. Luke wrote to convince Theophilus, probably a Gentile official, of the certainty of the Things of Jesus Christ that had been told to him. He also wrote to provide a unity between Christ’s works in the Gospels and the apostles’ labors after His ascension. And finally, Luke wrote to show the Roman world that Christianity is not a subversive political movement. Few biblical books are as misused as the Book of Acts, and some denominations have created distinctive and divisive teachings from their interpretations.

Acts 1

1:1-5 The continuing ministry of Christ
1:6-11 The Ascension
1:12-14 The upper room
1:15-26 The selection of Matthias

Acts 2

2:1-13 The coming of the Holy Spirit
2:14-42 Peter’s address at Pentecost
2:43-47 Life among the believers

Acts 3

3:1-11 The lame man healed
3:12-26 Peter appeals to the Jews to repent

Acts 4

4:1-4 Peter and John imprisoned
4:5-12 Peter before the high priest
4:13-22 Threatened and released
4:23-37 Unite in praise and prayer

Acts 5

5:1-11 Ananias and Sapphira
5:12-16 Many signs and wonders
5:17-32 The apostles imprisoned and liberated
5:33-42 Gamaliel’s advice

Acts 6

6:1-7 Provision is used for the widows
6:8-15 Stephen is arrested

Acts 7

7:1-53 Stephen’s defense
7:54-60 The martyrdom of Stephen

Acts 8

8:1-4 Saul persecutes the church
8:5-25 The Gospel preached in Samaria
8:26-40 Philip and the eunuch

Acts 9

9:1-18 The conversion of Saul
9:19-22 Saul testifies in Damascus
9:23-31 Saul escapes to Jerusalem
9:32-35 Aeneas healed
9:36-43 Dorcas restored to life

Acts 10

10:1-8 The vision of Cornelius
10:9-23 The vision of Peter
10:24-33 Peter meets Cornelius in Caesarea
10:34-43 Peter preaches to the Gentiles
10:44-48 The Gentiles receive the Holy Spirit

Acts 11

11:1-18 Peter is rebuked by the Jewish Christians
11:19-30 The church in Antioch

Acts 12

12:1-19 Herod kills James and imprisons Peter
12:20-25 The death of Herod

Acts 13

13:1-3 Paul’s first missionary journey
13:4-13 Paul and Barnabas in Cyprus
13:14-43 Paul and Barnabas at Antioch of Pisidia
13:44-52 Opposition by the Jews

Acts 14

14:1-7 Paul and Barnabas at Iconium
14:8-23 Paul stoned in Lystra
14:24-28 Paul and Barnabas return to Antioch

Acts 15

15:1-35 The council at Jerusalem
15:36-41 Paul and Barnabas part company

Acts 16

16:1-10 Paul and Silas are Joined by Timothy
16:11-18 Lydia is led to believe
16:19-24 The imprisonment at Philippi
16:25-40 The conversion of the Philippian jailer

Acts 17

17:1-9 The uproar in Thessalonica
17:10-15 Paul and Silas at Berea
17:16-21 Paul at Athens
17:22-34 Paul on Mars’ Hill

Acts 18

18:1-22 Paul at Corinth and Ephesus
18:23 Paul begins his third missionary journey
18:24-28 Apollos at Ephesus

Acts 19

19:1-23 Paul at Ephesus
19:24-41 Demetrius causes trouble at Ephesus

Acts 20

20:1-5 Paul goes to Macedonia and Greece
20:6-12 Paul at Troas
20:13-16 Paul’s voyage to Miletus
20:17-38 Paul address the Ephesian elders

Acts 21

21:1-26 Paul warned about returning to Jerusalem
21:27-36 Paul seized by the Jews
21:37-40 Paul’s defense before the people

Acts 22

22:1-5 Paul’s defense before the people (continued)
22:6-16 Paul tells of his conversion
22:17-29 Paul’s call to the Gentiles
22:30 Paul before the council

Acts 23

23:1-11 Paul before the council (continued)
23:12-22 The Jews vow to kill Paul
23:23-35 Paul sent to Felix the governor

Acts 24

24:1-27 Paul before Felix

Acts 25

25:1-9 Paul before Festus
25:10-12 Paul appeals to Caesar
25:13-27 Paul before Agrippa and Festus

Acts 26

26:1-11 Paul before Agrippa
26:12-26 Paul testifies of his conversion
26:27-32 Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian

Acts 27

27:1-13 Paul sails for Rome
27:14-38 The storm at sea
27:39-44 The shipwreck

Acts 28

28:1-15 Paul on Melita
28:16-31 Paul in Rome