The experiences of Israel in the Wilderness were compiled by Moses. Numbers stresses the importance of obedience and faith and deals with a census and Israel’s years in the wilderness, and midway speaks of another census of the new generation and telling of the months before entrance into Canaan. The character of God, the land given to Israel by Him, and declaration that Israel is His people are focused in the book of Numbers.

Numbers 1

1:1-46 Numbering of the men able to go to war
1:47-54 The appointment of the Levites

Numbers 2

2:1-34 The camps and leaders of the tribes

Numbers 3

3:1-39 The number and duties of the Levites
3:40-51 The redemption of the first-born

Numbers 4

4:1-49 The tasks assigned to the Levites

Numbers 5

5:1-4 Cleansing the camps
5:5-10 The law of recompense
5:11-31 The law concerning jealousy

Numbers 6

6:1-21 The law for the Nazarite
6:22-27 The priestly benediction

Numbers 7

7:1-88 Offerings for the dedication of the altar
7:89 God speaks to Moses

Numbers 8

8:1-4 Aaron lights the lamps
8:5-22 The cleansing of the Levites
8:23-26 The age of the Levitical service

Numbers 9

9:1-14 The observance of the passover
9:15-23 The cloud over the tabernacle

Numbers 10

10:1-10 The silver trumpets
10:11-36 The Israelites depart from Sinai

Numbers 11

11:1-9 The Lord sends quails
11:10-15 Complaint of Moses
11:16-35 The seventy elders

Numbers 12

12:1-9 Miriam and Aaron speak against Moses
12:10-16 Miriam healed of leprosy

Numbers 13

13:1-25 The twelve spies sent to Canaan
13:26-33 The report of the spies

Numbers 14

14:1-12 The people rebel against the Lord
14:13-19 Moses intercedes
14:20-35 God’s punishment on Israel
14:36-45 The death of the ten spies

Numbers 15

15:1-31 Laws concerning offerings
15:32-36 The stoning of the Sabbath breaker
15:37-41 Fringes on the garments

Numbers 16

16:1-40 Korah’s rebellion
16:41-50 Ravages of the plague

Numbers 17

17:1-13 Aaron’s rod

Numbers 18

18:1-24 Provision for the priests and Levites
18:25-32 The heave offering

Numbers 19

19:1-22 The purification of the unclean

Numbers 20

20:1-1 Miriam’s death
20:2-13 Water from the rock
20:14-21 Edom refuses passage to Israel
20:22-29 Aaron’s death

Numbers 21

21:1-3 The Canaanites attack Israel
21:4-9 The fiery serpents
21:10-20 Journey around Moab
21:21-30 Israel conquers Sihon
21:31-35 Israel conquers Og of Bashan

Numbers 22

22:1-20 Balak sends for Balaam
22:21-35 The angel of Balaam’s ass
22:36-41 Balak entertains Balaam

Numbers 23

23:1-30 The prophecies of Balaam

Numbers 24

24:1-25 Balaam foretells the happiness of Israel

Numbers 25

25:1-5 Israel worships Baalpeor
25:6-18 The zeal of Phinehas

Numbers 26

26:1-51 The numbering of Israel in Moab
26:52-56 Inheritance to be by lot
26:57-65 The tribe of Levi

Numbers 27

27:1-17 The law of inheritance
27:18-23 Joshua to succeed Moses

Numbers 28

28:1-8 The daily offerings
28:9-15 The Sabbath and monthly offerings
28:16-31 The offerings at the appointed feasts

Numbers 29

29:1-40 The offerings at the appointed feasts (continued)

Numbers 30

30:1-16 The law concerning vows

Numbers 31

31:1-24 The Midianites conquered
31:25-54 The division of the booty

Numbers 32

32:1-42 Reuben and Gad inherit east of Jordan

Numbers 33

33:1-49 The wilderness journeys
33:50-56 Canaanites to be expelled

Numbers 34

34:1-15 The borders of Canaan
34:16-29 Princes to partition Canaan

Numbers 35

35:1-8 The inheritance of the Levites
35:9-28 Laws concerning murder
35:29-34 The law concerning bloodshed

Numbers 36

36:1-4 The law of female inheritance
36:5-13 Marriage within the tribes


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